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    How to ask for Referrals

    upsellz Wayfarer

      Referrals. A referred client is almost always going to be your EASIEST, and most PROFITABLE sale. 

      Are you getting as many referrals as you would like? Want to get more?

      By simply asking for more referrals, you can DRAMATICALLY increase your client base, work with higher quality clients, and increase your average sale. Totally common sense right?

      I was once told by a wise-ish man, "Sometimes the easiest things to achieve, also happen to be the easiest to things to overlook, or not get done". The best way to get more referrals, is to get in the HABIT of asking every pleased client.

      Does asking for a referral make you feel awkward?

      • Remember, most people like to help other people (especially when it is free).  A person will refer you because they want to help their friend / family.


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