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    Review about order & inventory management system

    harrisli Newbie

      I have just launched the featured cloud based multichannel integration order and inventory management software or system.

      It has multi functionalities and with the best features like contact management, shipping management, order management, inventory management, multi channel integration etc.

      It has simple interface and analytic and reporting features.

      Overall its 1st User-friendly, Secure, Reasonable Cloud-based Inventory & Order Management System. 

      I want to get reviews of the management system, I hope you will give the reviews of Order & Inventory management system

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          Hi Harrisli,


          Thank you for posting your software. I am sure that some of our members with take a glance and see what they think. I took the liberty of reviewing your site. It is easy to navigate and is very informative (especially your blog).    Hopefully, your software is the same. The fact that you can connect to many different leading apps is a plus. I will be curious to see what some of our members think.



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            ronaldscott Newbie

            Hello Melinda,

            As per the order and inventory management concern i would like to suggest Orderhive because i have used it services for past six months and they are serving very well with me.

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              chicagocio Scout

              One of the things that I do for clients is make recommendations for software as a part of my information technology and CIO services.  I know a company that's based out of Chicago that could use an inventory management system.  My question is, does your system have an API?  Does it support exporting of raw data in a format such as XML? What we are seeing more and more is the demand for systems that can plug-n-play-nicely with other software application systems.



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                  trakpaq Newbie

                  Hello chicagocio,


                  TrakPaq, a Saas order and inventory management software system which includes modules ranging from CRM, Quotations, Order Processing, Shipping Documents, Inventory Control, Multi-level BOM, Invoicing, Accounting, Vendor Management, Warranty/Claims/Returns, Dashboard and Reporting.  Unlike most inventory software packages, it offers full customization services (modify as little or as much as needed).  While it doesn't publish APIs, it can export data to XML format, if your customer wants to interface with other software application systems.  TrakPaq is very comprehensive and ideally suited for the small to medium sized business looking for an end-to-end solution with the option to customize the software for their specific needs.