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    Need help Starting up

    creamer Newbie

      hello I'm in the process of starting a trucking company I know this is a good industry  to get in and the demand seems to grow every year i'v ran micro business before but it was temporary field meaning you only sell one maybe 2 months at the most...I just don't know where to begin can anyone help?

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Congratulations, Creamer!


          Have you written a business plan yet? I recommend checking with for guidance. They have great templates for business plans & supply wonderful information for small businesses.


          Does anyone else have any suggestions?



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            Uncle Leon Tracker

            Ditto to Berta's reply.  However, in your case you probably don't have enough "Industry-Specific" knowledge to even do that.


            My first suggestion to you would be to contact SCORE.  They provide business consulting FREE.


            Secondly, (if this thought is not unacceptable to you) I suggest that if ever this was an ideal situation for a knowledgeable partner, this is it. -  -  -  You provide the funding....the "partner" provides the expertise.  If that idea is unacceptable to you; the next best suggestion I can offer you, is to hire an employee who has had extensive experience in the management of this type business.


            YES!  it will be expensive to hire such an employee.  But please believe me when I say that the cost of ignorance (lack of knowledge) is much more expensive.


            Frankly, without knowing how to operate this type of business, I believe your chances of success are very poor.

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              Well as with the start of any business, get a good personal accountant. They can help you start out with a good business plan. They can steer you in many directions and have a vast amount of information available for you. They can also approach your finances and help you figure out where you need to allocate your funds so that you can prosper at the rate that you need to.


              If you need another great place to help you start a business plan, may I suggest this link for you to peruse: Building Your Business Plan


              Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

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                kimmy burguess Adventurer

                Despite the rising cost of gas and diesel, the trucking industry is still booming. Draw up a comprehensive business plan and include your financial requirements, knowledge on laws and licensing procedures, kind of freight to carry and most importantly, where to hire drivers. Be cautious about whom you hire and ask for references.