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    Attorney - How Do I Market My Law Firm Video?

    floridabusiness Wayfarer

      Hello Small Business Community,


      I'm new at youtube marketing and I've been having trouble marketing my new video on youtube. We made a little commercial about our company and can't seem to get anyone outside of our account to view it. How do these people get their videos number one on google or youtube in order to gain traiffic. I don't want to hire an seo firm, I'd rather get natural/organic (as they call it) searches/vistors. Any suggestions?


      I think my video is too large to attch so Ill post a link to it for you to see, its really something!


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          Hi Floridabusiness.  Do you have your video listed in any of your advertisements? How about on your business cards? I would include your video on ANY of your other advertisements that you presently utilize.


          You create an adword account and then you can start your advertising on youtube. This is also powered by google adwords.



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              floridabusiness Wayfarer

              Melinda, great idea we just made an adwords account. We will definitely let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the heads up, I may owe it all to you! What did you think of the video? It's on our homepage.

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                  I did take a look at your video. It is definitely one that will stand out. Your firm took a different approach to the law (one that I never thought of).


                  I am curious as to how well you will do with the adwords marketing. If you are not already aware, one of the great things about your adword accounts is that you can turn it on and off as you wish to save money or if you have too many clients.


                  Let us know how your firm does.

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                    fendermender Adventurer

                    Hi Floridabusiness,


                    First off, may I say you have a great video there! Well done.  I noticed that you mentioned that you just opened an Adwords account and I agree with Melinda that it's (Adwords) a great way to get your video in front of a lot of qualified people and at a very reasonable cost.  However, the "attorney" niche or "section" of the Internet is VERY large and wide spread, so when you initially begin your Adwords campaigns, be sure to be very "explicit" about exactly where and when you want your ads to run.  Because there is so much competition in your niche, you will need to narrow down your keywords and ensure that you are running your ads to show to exactly the people that may be interested in your branch of the law.  No point in showing medical malpractice info to someone looking for a divorce attorney!  Unfortunately, Adwords will put your ad where ever YOU tell it, if you don't spend the time to specifically narrow down your keyword selection, you will end up having your ads run in the wrong areas, thus costing you unnecessary advertising funds which would be far better spent elsewhere.


                    Pay-per-click advertising is wonderful in that it allows even smaller companies to compete with their bigger adversaries on a level playing field, but it can also be very costly when you don't spend the time and research necessary to properly configure you ads.  However, once you have done your homework and properly configured your ads and found the right keywords, pay-per-click advertising can be a small businesses' best advertising investment.  It will increase your search engine rankings while displaying your content to extremely qualified consumers...and the latter is exactly what we are all looking for!


                    I noticed your question regarding "how do people get their videos to be "number #1 and gain all sorts of traffic on YouTube?"  The truth of the matter is, that in order to "organically" have your video hit the "top of the charts" in places like YouTube, you are going to have to have some VERY interesting and "out of the ordinary" content, but, being number #1 on YouTube does not necessarily mean that your content has been seen by "qualified" individuals that are actively seeking your service.  It's nice to have all that traffic, but unless that traffic can be converted into sales...well, it's just traffic!   Don't lose site of the real purpose of your advertising content and get lost in the quest for YouTube "fame"...unless, of course, you are an aspiring actor and want to land a role in an upcoming blockbuster movie!  I think you can see where I'm going specific when it comes to pay-per-click advertising and you will find people actively seeking YOUR service.  Anything more than that in a "pay-per-click" environment is just unnecessary money spent on unnecessary clicks!  That is the number one reason why most small companies shy away from pay-per-click advertising in the first place.   You end up paying for lots of people to see your content, but not the people who need it...hence, we are back to the reason I stress so much the need to do your research carefully!  Hope this helps!


                    Happy Holidays and best wishes for a very prosperous New Year!


                    -Denise Blackman, LDJ Auto Body & Collision, Gibsonton, FL