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    Happy Thanksgiving

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Wishing you all in the community a Happy Thanksgiving.

      Be careful traveling.

      Enjoy the family and the food.

      Fatal storm slams Southwest,  heading east —

      Thanksgiving travel at risk







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          Moderator Cath Guide

          With the holiday season upon us, what are your plans for your employees during this time?  More hours?  Bonuses? 


          How will you present your business to the public during the holidays?  Sales?  New products to entice shopping?  Different sorts of sales?


          Share with us your plans.  We can all get some good ideas for our businesses when we do.



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            Nick Adventurer

            Thanks for the warm wishes ...


            Moderator_Cath Good idea is to run good promotions and discount deals on the festive and get more sales ...


            Get their contacts / emails / phone numbers etc and do little more marketing by phone / emails after few weeks to get more benefit ...




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                Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!



                I believe it all depends on the type of company you have. We try to donate our architectural services around the holidays in order to help create great PR, help out the community, and give our employees a sense of family. Some how when you take on a project that affects a community member in need, that brings us closer together in the office.

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                LUCKIEST Guide

                Wishing you a very happy holiday today for US residents and a
                very good day to everyone!


                If you're reading this message, you probably know there's much
                to be thankful for. For one thing, you probably have a power connection, ISP
                and computer that work. I've had all of these things go down, one at a time,
                and have vowed never to take them for granted again.


                If you're reading this message, you're living in a place that
                doesn't censor the Internet.


                And hopefully you've got family, friends and health. And I also
                hope you've got meaningful, fun activities outside of your career or business,
                so you work to live, not the other way around.


                Enjoy your day!


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                    transcribe Scout

                    Wishing all Happy Thanksgiving! It is a good idea to think ahead of holidays. We must have something to offer to our customers and employees during this time. For many of us, our businesses are impacted by the holidays, so it's important to start planning ahead.

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                    jj Wayfarer

                    wow!!!!! Didnt know I could eat so much turkey!!!