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    Something to Ponder

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Ok, I know you and your business are elbow-deep into the holidays and holiday planning and find yourselves busier than you have been for a while.  So what am suggesting is that you bookmark this very interesting (and I think - valuable) article: Fresh Content: Importance of updating/maintaining your web presence .  After the holidays when you sink into the quieter times of the first of the year, re-read this article and see if it speaks to you and your online appearance. 


      The article quotes: "A staggering 97 percent of consumers now go online to research product and service offerings from local businesses (ConStat Consumer Tracking Study)".  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  97%?


      When was the last time you really took as look at your online presence?  Perhaps you need some 'new eyes' to give their very honest opinions of what they see.  Has your webpage gotten stale?  Do people click in and then turn right around and walk out?  Have you noticed that sales from your website have decreased?  Well this article is a great start to turning around your online footprint.


      Use this article as the topic of a staff meeting and see how your staff reacts.  Often one person's remarks can trigger some interesting discussions and great forward progress.


      Make a resolution to update your webpage: weekly?  monthly?  Let your customers know that your business is constantly evolving and they will want to return frequently to see what is going on.


      BUT first of all read and bookmark this article.



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          AngelBiz Tracker

          Cath - No doubt. If you don't have online presence and do not maintain it on a regular basis you may be missing out on lot of opportunities. In addition to web now it is becoming important to pay attention to mobile presence too. More and more people are turning to Smartphone and tablet when looking for information. If your website is not handled properly in the mobile arena your business may get hurt.