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    How to build up an on-going relationship with US clients

    Adam Ani Wayfarer

      Hi everyone,


      I am Adam Ani, a full stack web developer from Malaysia.


      I and my colleagues decided to pursue our own career to build up an on-going and trustworthy relationship with US clients.


      We are accomplished web developers with more than 5 years of experience in building various web and mobile applications.

      We develop the corporate web sites, eCommerce web sites, single page web applications, membership-based social networking sites and mobile versions of existing web sites, using the latest technologies and in various platforms, like PHP, RoR, Node.js, AngularJS, Responsive Desing, to name just a few.


      What's the problem is we are from Malaysia and we don't have any business connections in US. We prefer to work on hourly basis or contract basis as full time contractors, and hope to have a business partnership with whoever is willing to handle the marketing and business matters, while we are tackling the technical matters.


      We have gone through some freelancing sites, but we couldn't find a right partner from those sites.


      Just want to know: Where can I find a right partner for our long term relationship? Do you guys know anyone who has an ambition to work with developers abroad remotely, and in a collaborative manner?


      Looking forward to your sincere and helpful answers.


      (And sorry for my poor English, and I feel sorry for any misunderstandings caused by inappropriate expressions)