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    my name is Michael Ladd a business owner here a introduction of myself and business

    Mike Ladd Wayfarer

      *Michael Design Company Bringing in a New Trend in the World of Web

      Designing and SEO Industry Designing to Generate Traffic and Sales*



      Indiana, USA


      January 28, 2013



      For individuals who are planning to rebuild their website or those who

      prefer to create a website from scratch, the, Michael Design company is the

      solution for both of that. With the online organic along with the natural

      search competition, nowadays that is surely increasing every day, the more

      Search Engine Optimization became necessary in the field of online

      marketing. As for the SEO Industry Designing being offered by the company

      and the situation mentioned, the more that the team is working hard in

      helping its clients in reaching its SEO goals, which is to be on the top

      spot of search engine results.


      Michael Design Company is a web-based company offering services that

      include marketing and designing or websites together with using a kind of

      guaranteed pure approach. With the kind of service being offered by the

      company, clients are assured to be provided with SEO solutions that are not

      only effective but will also help in leading them to success.


      From the moment that the company has been established, the team has always

      provided its customers with very efficient solutions that usually soon lead

      to their success. These are success that both clients and the team have

      celebrated, which also made the team boast of it within the industry it is

      in. Majority of the clients have ruled and reached the first page of the

      search engine results together with the keywords chosen to be used for the

      SEO. These chosen keywords did not only results to generation of website

      traffic but also leads. The SEO industry designing company has not only

      provided its services that soon resulted to leads for companies like bug

      control firms but also those trophies corporation.


      SEO is considered as a comprehensive approach designed to boost website

      rankings in terms of the search engine algorithm. The company does its SEO

      work by adjusting the way in which the website sets information along with

      improving its reputation. The company knows that SEO is not only about

      traffic and lead generation but also about bringing highest visibility for

      the site with the use of the right keywords that are mostly searched in

      search engines.


      Aside from SEO Industry designing, the company also offers the web

      designing service. This service includes innovative design template,

      customized company logo, and adding images for the site to make it appear

      better and suited for the business. That is the entire works that comprise

      the service. Due to that, the price range of the service starts from $395 -

      $700. For big business projects, the process of web designing will involve

      graphic designing, logo designing of the company, web designing, content

      designing, testing and a whole lot more. The price range for these kinds of

      projects starts from $200 - $2000 and above. The company is also offering

      custom services like custom company logo, software, video games, brochures,

      hand-written illustrations, company cards and animation motion media. For

      those looking for companies offering these services, the company is the

      most appropriate to contact.


      Services Offered by Michael Design Company:


      • WEB DESIGN: Corporate, Finance & Banking, E-commerce, Community Real



      • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Business Card, Hand Drawn illustrations, Digital

      illustrations, Logo, Brochures & Flyers.


      • FLASH AND NEW MEDIA: Applications, Character Design, Games and Websites,



      • APPLICATIONS: Microsoft .Net, PHP & Open Source, High-End Hosting, Web

      Analytics, Software Development.


      Michael Design Company is an e-commerce developer, web developers, SEO

      experts, and Joomla Developers. For more information about the company,

      visit its Company Sales Page at *

      <>*. And