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    Social Media for Cleaning Services

    John Harris Wayfarer

      Hello everybody,


      I'm glad I found this community and I would like to have your oppinions for the following matter.


      We recently launched a local Los Angeles based Commercial Cleaning Company.

      We worked for 2 months building our website. We really think it looks nice, but it can also be improved. Our website is here.

      We have a main focus on 3 of our services. They are Janitorial Services, Office Cleaning and Maid Services.


      Regarding social media we have done the following :

      1. Facebook page ( one for each service stated above )

      2. Twitter ( one corporate account )

      3. Google plus page for business ( one page - google places listing page for the company and brand page for each of our main services )

      4. Pinterest ( one account )

      5. Youtube ( channel with 2 videos )


      I would like to ask you some questions about our social media campaign.


      1. Are these enough ? Is there anything else we have to add ?

      2. How often should we post on these channels ?

      3. What can we do to improve our social media presence ?


      Thank you everybody and looking forward for your replies.

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          bloggeratheart Wayfarer

          I think that is plenty, especially for a local service business such as yours. While social media is still beneficial to your type of business, it is usually better suited to brick and mortar type of businesses.


          You should try to post and interact with each social channel at least twice a week, ideally 4-5 days per week. Just spending a half hour finding and following potential clientele and interacting with them is great. Of course pushing your own messages out is also recommended.


          To really leverage social media you should do the following things:

          Create really useful content that answers potential client's potential questions and post that content on your site in the blog. Then push it out to social media and promote the content wherever you can. Some examples of content might be, "5 Reasons A Clean Office Generates More Revenue" or "Guide to Choosing a Maid Service For Your Business."


          Have contests and giveaways and promote in social media. Maybe host the contest info on a blog post and push it out via social media. Could also host it on Facebook. Require a Like or Follow or something in order to participate. This will also allow you to gather email addresses for follow up email marketing, with discount offers of course, and maybe offering one of your Guides for free.


          I would also use social media to connect with relevant websites and local businesses. Partnering with people who sell complimentary services, like commercial real estate brokers, is a great way to gain more business. Make sure to get a link from their sites to yours. As a professional consultant I can help with all of these things if you are interested and need help.


          Bonus Tip (because I like giving bonuses!): Use paid social media options to help jump start followers and to push really important info like contests or a useful content piece.


          Hopefully this helps you out!

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            katandmouse Adventurer

            Hi John,

            My advice to you is just pick one social media channel, or two at the most. It's hard to keep up with them all. So figure out where your target market is and focus on those primarily with an occasional bit of attention paid to the others as the need arises.


            You don't mention LinkedIn. That is the best for B2B which I believe is primarily your focus. I'd suggest you be there. Since yours is also a local business, meaning Google pulls your type of business up in the local Maps pack, I'd recommend Google+.


            Bloggeratheart gave you some good recommendations for blog posts. I'd also recommend that you write other types of articles that are unrelated to cleaning but relevant to your target market. Since you're looking for those who have offices, perhaps provide articles that cover anything on running an office from management to insurance to security to even office mascots. Your target market doesn't want to read about cleaning all day IF AT ALL. So give them something they are interested in and make them beg for more. Using guest bloggers is a good way to get a variety of posts for free.


            As for your questions about which one helps with SEO the best, there is no evidence of proof of any of these being better than another. Google still wants to see inbound links pointing to your website. So first you need great content on your site. Then you need to get it seen by as many as possible in order to get a better chance at getting those links. That's how social helps. It gets the word out for you. But the result all depends on what you write and who sees it. If you write an article on office security, you're going to get more links from bloggers in LinkedIn than you will in Facebook or Pinterest. If you write an article on innonative interior design for offices, you might get more links in Pinterest. So understand who is in each social media platform, what they like and what they share, and give them what they want where they are.

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              Nick Adventurer

              In order to get decent traffic , Social Media is not enough , you need to hire a SEO firm which will bring your site to top positions in google and that gives you organic traffic of visitors ...

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                  carrie minton Adventurer

                  Yes, Nick! You have a point. Hiring quality SEO experts can truly help. Although, I am not underestimating the impact of social media, especially nowadays that people and customers have already joined different types of social networks like Facebook & Twitter, etc. I am associated with a business offering SEO services called Kangaroo SEO, and their starting to join and become active  also on social media platforms.

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                  Hi John,


                  Welcome to our forum and thank you for introducing yourself to the community. Please peruse our forum and offer us your business opinions so that we may gain direction and guidance from each others experiences. I am sure that many of our community members will appreciate your expertise and value what ever information you can offer us.


                  You have received many different types of valuable advice. Hope that you are able to take advantage of some of the great tips.


                  I took the liberty of viewing your web page. The time spent on it shows. It does look great! One section that does not exist (and maybe its because you seem to be new in this field) is the previous client tab. You might want to consider mentioning some of your present clients as a way of boosting your business.


                  I also agree with opening a linkedIn page for your company. There are many professional clubs and other businesses that can provide a great networking service to your company. It's simple to create the page and can be linked to many of the other social networks you are currently partaking in.


                  Best of luck to you. Please let us know how things are going for you and your company. Wishing all of you a prosperous New Year!



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                    katandmouse Adventurer

                    Hi John,


                    I got a little concerned when you said you had close to 4000 +1's. That is really unusual and I would dare say it's unnatural.  And looking at your reviews, I'm afraid that some are suspicous. Take this guy for example who has multiple local business reviews in different parts of the U.S. scott jonson - Posts - Google+ Notice his review in Texas the same time as in LA and the one in Chicago, all seeming to indicate his residence in 3 places. Or the female one who has a picture of Jennifer Lopez as herself.  Jennifer Henry's is the worst though. So obvious that is a fake account.


                    Did you hire an SEO firm? I do SEO and am painfully aware of "SEOs" in the business who try to fake their client's way to the top because they don't know how to do it otherwise. Here's one example: Shady Marketing Firms Are Still Quietly Bribing Bloggers (Updated)


                    Others go to and pay someone to create 1000 +1s or write fake 5 star reviews. If you have someone doing that for now, I highly recommend you ask them to stop or ask them to leave. Those tactics can get you penalized, or worse, banned from Google if they catch on. And what makes me sad is small business owners like yourself have no idea what's going on or that it's even wrong.

                    My recommendation to companies like yours is just provide the best service you can and the good reviews will come (always good to ask though). And if you're trying to get backlinks to help with your SEO, do something to earn them. Get creative with your blog posts, or provide something highly educational, controversial, entertaining, etc. It's not easy. Much harder than paying someone to link to you like the SEO did in the article I referenced above, or to pay someone to review you, but your SEO will stand the test of time if you do it the right way.


                    Hopefully, my concern is without merit and all is fine, but felt the need to say something because I'm afraid there is something else going on you should know about.


                    I wish you much success.


                    Kat & Mouse Co.

                    Saratoga, Ca

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                      aronmatt3 Adventurer

                      social media is one of the best and cheaper as well for getting more leads and at-least brand awareness for any business not only for some particular business area. I am also using for my property tax reporting and monitoring website and I am very much happy with the result though mine is not widely needed service. I think that everyone should try this at-least with some budget.