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    Can You Improve Your Business by Watching Reality TV?

    SteveSmith56 Scout

      Most of what reality TV has to offer is not worth watching. The one exception, in my opinion, is the genre called ‘Rescue Reality Shows’.  They typically include a failing business, an industry expert, a desperate business owner and a recipe for fixing the business.


      You don’t have to be failing or even willing to watch countless TV episodes to be able to make the recipe work for your own business.  All you need to do is follow their process.  Of course, you need to be serious enough about improving your business to make it work.  


      Here’s how the ‘Rescue Reality TV’ formula works.


      1.  Approach your business from the viewpoint of a customer.  Sample your product or service and observe all the steps that provide a complete customer experience.  If you, as the owner, don’t feel you can be objective, have someone else do this for you. 


      2.  Look at how you are running the business.  The vast majority of problems in a business can be traced back to the owner of the business.  Be honest about your involvement, abilities and desire for ownership.


      3.  Reintroduce operating standards.  Most of the time, more attention to doing things well, can have a huge impact on customer retention and the bottom line.  Upgrading your standards makes employees feel better about their roles and demonstrates a professional commitment on the part of the owner.


      4.  Offer training to improve your process.  If people don’t know what to do or how best to do it, they must be trained.  Training does not have to be lengthy or expensive. It can be done on the job by more experienced employees.


      5.  Upgrade your facility and operating practices.  This phase may require help from the outside but it will definitely pay off.  Having a ‘dated’ business environment or ways of doing things will not encourage customers to be loyal.


      6.  Implement systems that can monitor results.  You can’t hit a target you can’t see.  Being able to monitor and measure what you are doing will enable you to continually fine tune your operating.  Your employees and your customers will thank you for it.


      As a business coach, I have yet to meet a business owner or a business that could not benefit from doing this.  Some want the public exposure and opt to have their dirty laundry played out on national TV.  Others take the initiative and do it themselves.  Whichever way you elect to bring
      your business’s performance and success up to the level you feel is what you strive for, just make the decision and do it!


      The reason you see so many of these type reality shows on television today is that there are way too many businesses that need rescuing.
      Most would not be in this shape if they simply acknowledged the problems earlier and get help fixing them.  Getting help is the easy part.
      Making the decision to do something about it is what causes so much stress and frustration with the average business owner.