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    Anyone Else Using Infographics?

    lisarichardson Wayfarer

      After reading so many discussions here in this community I finally decided to jump in. I have a questions regarding infographics and was wondering if anyone would be able to answer some questions about this marketing strategy. I see them on major news sites like Huffington Post and LA Times often and they always draw an insane amount of activity. Email shares, facebook shares, tweets, etc. It is obvious people love them and they are sharing them across social media much more than any traditional "news article" it appears.


      So, what is the best place to get professional infographics designed and what is the best approach to get them submitted to some of the larger websites? I am aware of, the infographic directory (I actually spend a lot of time there just looking at all of the recent popular ones!).


      I generally work with small local businesses and we do radio, print and TV placements. Don't laugh, print is not dead yet!


      We have received so many requests for infographics and there are a couple local agencies that offer the service but pricing starts at $2,000 for content and design and $1,500 if you supply all of the content. To larger companies that is a drop in the pan, but it can be a substantial portion of a smaller businesses marketing budget.


      If anyone has feedback or experiences then I would love to hear it.