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    Does Your Retirement Plan Include a Positive Reputation Online?

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      Online Reputation After Retirement

      Having a positive reputation online is more important than ever these days. Online reputation seems to be permeating just about every aspect of modern life, with the Internet in everyone’s pocket or purse and people more interconnected through social media than ever. Here is something you may not have thought about before, though: does your retirement plan include a positive reputation online?

      Why your online reputation is important even after your retired


      Retiring with a positive reputation online is a brand-new concern for people in this digital age. Most people want to leave a lasting legacy, whether it be to their progeny or to those around them; they want to memorialize their careers in a positive light. Recently, it has been suggested that leaving a positive reputation online can serve as a kind of memorial of a successful career, a lasting trophy that shows your achievements. Retiring with a positive reputation online has become a goal to which many aspire.


      On the other side of that coin, keeping a positive reputation online is a surefire way to get to that retirement step faster. If you are a business owner, you already likely know the power that good online reputation management can have on revenues and the bottom line; the same is true in a more abstract way for an individual, in the sense that your good online reputation is likely to land you that higher-paying job you have been seeking, putting you in the financial driver’s seat heading on the fast lane to retirement.


      In a sense, then, keeping a positive reputation online for retirement is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The strong online presence drives success in the business world, which success in turn reflects in your online profile, which results in continued success, ad infinitum. All of which looks mighty good as a sort of capstone when you do decide to hang it up and relax.

      Is having a positive online reputation important for the retired?

      How can you ensure your online reputation remains intact during retirement?