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    Moderator Ilona Ranger

      With the holidays right around the corner, how do you feel about holiday bonuses for employees? Do you reward your employees at this time of the year for a job well done? Do you reward all or just some or none? Please share your stories right here.



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          Moderator Berta Guide

          I've worked for companies that do give Christmas bonuses based on seniority, others based on performance. I've also worked for some that didn't give Christmas bonuses at all. I personally like the ones that do, but then again, it's a reward for a job well done, a successful year. And who doesn't like to be rewarded from time to time?



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            AngelBiz Tracker

            Holidays is definitely the time to dole out bonuses and rewards for their hard work throughout the year. I am a strong believer in pay for performance, so it makes sense to distribute the rewards based on their contribution.

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              transcribe Scout

              There are a number of things you can do to keep your employees happy and motivated and holiday bonus is one amongst them.  During holiday season bonus in the form of gift is mostly expected. They are not only a show of holiday spirit but are also a nod to appreciation for a job well done.

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                The holidays are definitely a popular time of year to show your appreciation to all of your hard working employees. Bonuses are definitely the most popular. Holiday parities are also fun and exciting as well. Sometimes the office Christmas party is the highlight of the year. Many companies make it a major event including, raffles, door prizes, and even Santa for the employees children. 

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                  Creditbuilder Scout

                  I am a faith-based business man so holidays like Christmas is a very exciting time of the year where I like to lavish my peeps with gifts, BUT, that has nothing to do with appreciation or work well done.  I reward performance ALL YEAR ROUND!  Each person has a quota.  We ask each of our reps to help AT LEAST 5 business owners a day with our free service (point is its not like they are even selling anything, lol) which then get's them a $5 gift card to Target or Walmart.  If they hit quota 5 days a week, then they get a $40 gift card on top of it.


                  My greatest problem is finding people to work!

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                      Creditbuilder, are you having a problem with hiring people qualified to do the job or are you having a problem with having your workers fill the quota? Which ever one it is, I am a little surprised at both. One would think that in this day and age of a slow economy, people would be happy to have a job and do everything possible in order to keep that job.


                      I like your positive incentives and the fact that you appreciate your workers all year round. You never bite the hand that feeds you and that works both ways.