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    Do you prefer mobile sites or full websites?

    monimesz Adventurer

      We have all been told how important it is to have a mobile version of our websites...but is it really?

      Smart phones are getting bigger by the minute.  I use my phone to browse online all the time, and often encounter mobile websites.  I must say, in most cases, I switch to the full version - even on Amazon.  I often find mobile versions of websites "dumbed down" - lacking content and difficult to navigate.


      With the size of the new smart phone screens, easy zooming and high speed of the mobile browsers, I expect to see the same rich content that a regular website offers. Websites should provide the same experience on mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers. With new technologies, such as "responsive design", which makes the mobile experience much better, I just don't see the need for "dumbed down" mobile versions of sites. 


      What is your experience with mobile websites?


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          katandmouse Adventurer

          The general consensus is that Google penalizes sites that don't provide a good user experience in mobile, so for that reason it is essential. As for dumbed down vs. full site, I tend to agree with you. I prefer having the full site, but there are times when dumbed down is very effective. That would be for businesses whose customers might always be in a hurry or on the go and just want quick contact information such as restaurants, car repair, taxis, plumbers, emergency and repair services. I even did one for a personal injury attorney recently and geared it to those who might have just gotten in an accident and are wondering what to do. The mobile site was written and designed for that target market, but not all will be so we have a very evident link to the full site.

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            I have to agree with katandmouse. It all depends on what your needs are. I can't tell you how many times I used a quick search to find a restaurant or a movie theater because the place we picked wasn't feasible at the time of arrival. The mobile app was quick, easy, and informative enough to get to our destination. Too much information isn't good when you need something quickly, especially if you are on the move. By the same token, I find it annoying that not enough information is provided on a full site when I need it, say at work. Time is money. If I need information to complete my work, I don't want to be spending all of my time searching on-line when I know exactly what it is that I am looking for.

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              billyclearance Wayfarer

              A full website is better than mobile sites. Although, there few mobile sites that are good. Anyway, when people are searching for removals for examples. The first thing they will look is where it is the service then the location. So, for that instance full website is needed. If your looking for all information that you want to know.

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                  transcribe Scout

                  The advancement of mobile devices from different makers has spurred the growth of business. Mobile sites are an easy and effective way to increase rankings in search engines too. Though there are certain limitations like inconvenience to fit in the smaller screens of mobile phones and other mobile devices, still users find mobile to be more useful in ordering products/services in a jiffy.

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                  carrie minton Adventurer

                  In my opinion, it is also necessary to have a mobile version of a websites. Many people nowadays are mostly accessing the web through their mobile phones, as they could browse whenever and wherever they want as long as their phones are capable of. I think, it would matter much on how you design a website with almost full content as with your full website.