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      If you have been mistreated by a company, you know the feeling. You have been promised some service or other, at a certain price, and yet you were never delivered that service. Maybe the business stopped returning your phone calls. Maybe they charged you more than you had agreed to initially. Maybe they performed a shoddy job and the poor workmanship made you lose face. Whatever the reason, whatever the grievance, you should know that you are not alone, and that there is a public place for you to lodge a complaint, a place where a community of like-minded people will hear you out and sympathize. That place is the consumer complaints website Complaintsboard.

      A Trusted Place for Consumers to Voice Complaints Online


      At Complaintsboard, a nationwide, worldwide community of like-minded individuals comes together with a common goal: to inform the world about the unscrupulous and unfair business practices of companies who are cheating their customers or otherwise violating the principles of fair business dealing. These users log on to Complaintsboard, lodge complaints, read the complaints of others, and organize into groups around similar consumer advocacy related issues. The community at Complaintsboard is strong and active, with nearly 5,000 Facebook followers and a stream of updates to the site by its users daily. The strength of its active community is in keeping the website current, helping people stay informed about businesses not performing up to the standards expected of them.


      Online Complaints Posted by the People and for the People


      This “by the people, for the people” ethos has driven Complaintsboard to the success it has enjoyed thus far. Consumers feel empowered when they have a public place to talk about their experiences, a place where they feel heard, when many times they have felt unheard for too long. The community at Complaintsboard believes that a small group of people can enact big change by coming together under a common, laudable goal.