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    LUCKIEST Guide

      You're going to hear the word "implementation" more in the coming months and next year.
      Many of us have a ton of products and significant investments
      focusing on what to do and why. "Get it done" has become the mantra of the 20-teens.

      One way to "get it done" when you're launching a new
      product to write the sales letter first - before you even design the program.
      It's the best way to see if your concept will be marketable and to create

      something that works for your clients rather than something you that works for you.


      More to follow


          LUCKIEST Guide

          I've been saying this for awhile, so I was delighted to see that
          this approach has been adopted by one of the most progressive and

          successful companies in the world. (No false modesty here!)

          This gem was found in a delightful new book by

          Scott Berkun, The Year Without Pant


          The launch process was to write a launch announcement and support page -

          even before the product was designed.
          In our world, a sales letter is a launch announcement - and that's what I'm
          suggesting you write first.