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    Hey Moderators - need help getting a thread deleted!!!

    mji Newbie



      There is a thread in which someone is using my company name and links my company website.  The thread is old, but I've owned the URL for many years, so I know this was not her website at the time.


      Even though the thread is from a few years ago, I frequently get e-mails from other people in this line of work who find this thread and contact me to get my advice on getting a loan for a photography start-up.  Problem is, I'm NOT the one who wrote the thread and never got a business loan.


      I've reported and e-mailed about this thread, and yet it still hasn't been deleted.  She was posting false information about her business and it's important to me that my potential clients do not stumble upon this thread!!!


      What do I need to do get this thread deleted????  Here's the link:


      Thanks in advance for helping me finally take care of this issue!!!