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    Over $400,000 and you still can't get a great website.

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      That's what an agency I am working for just told a client. Even I was stunned. I mean, that's a lot of money. The client didn't look too happy either. But without blinking, the agency representative went through the list of things the client wanted and needed their new site to do to keep up with their major competitors and it quickly became clear - $400,000 wasn't enough money.

      The client wanted Flash, games, online communities built in, original photography and video, and more, much more. They were looking to make a strong statement. They not only wanted to catch up to their competitors, they wanted to take the lead.

      But the client had put themselves in this position.

      They had done the bare minimum with their previous website not realizing that the web was evolving around them, and their customers were demanding more and more from websites - that customers not only want to purchase but also want to be educated and entertained. They were caught flat-footed when customers started to look at websites as information portals that provide more than a way to buy something. And the client had no idea that the price of entry had gotten so high in less than 4 years.

      And they were now having to pay for it.

      My questions:
      What is your plan for your web presence?
      How do you see your interactive marketing efforts evolving?
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          This is a great post. I have a recent similar experience from another angle. A former collegue called me to tell me about his new venture and said he was shocked that web development companies wanted to charge him $100,000 - $250,000 for a website that met his specs.


          He said he was sure I could do it or at least help him do it for a fraction of the cost - less than $10,000!

          By the way, he has no web design experience and I am an amatuer - itis not my job or expertise, I just dabble.

          I face the same thing talking to clients all day long, the really do not what I do and the expertise involved so they are reluctant to pay for services. They all think they can do it themselves! I guess they stayed at a Holiday Inn last night...