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    How to Build a Street Team

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      We all want sales reps.  We want people hitting the streets for us, talking to potential vendors (or clients depending on our industry). We want teams of hustlers out there promoting our goods and services for us, partly because they love our product, and partly because they stand to generate some income.

      But how do go about building a willing and hungry Street Team who will pound the pavement for our goods and services?


      Well, first you need to find a way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.  Then really start to drive that difference home using social media and writing up your own blog posts. Start generating an active community on the social outlets.  Pull people in; engage them, make them want to remark.


      Second, make sure that your product or service is good quality at equally good price points.  Make sure you treat your customers and vendors with respect and a sense of urgency; impress them with you knowledge and your kindness.


      Third, make sure that your community sees and hears about your successes.  No, don’t brag about your revenues, but make sure your community sees great feedback from customers/vendors.  Let them see your growth potential in whatever way you can show and prove that to them while maintaining your humility and dignity. The key here is getting your community to believe in your products and services.

      Now write a blog post, or add to your website a page about joining the community and being a team player.  Don’t come right out and say you’re hiring because then people will want a salary, but if you can pitch the idea that people can stand to earn some income by promoting your products or services, products or services which they already love and believe in, people will come to you with what they think is their own idea to act as an affiliate salesman for you.