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    Getting Community Rooted for Non-Profit

    charity4smiles Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I'm new to the site. I have operated a for profit business for 8 years, however, not my own. 1 1/2 years ago I lost my mom to a long 19 year cancer after cancer after cancer battle. My heart and passion has led to create a non-profit corporation to give back to the cancer community. My goal is to raise funds through donation and fundraisers. The mission is to provide financial support (requirements of course) to local residents fighting cancer that are in need. Completely decorate the chemo and radiation wards along with the inpatient rooms so the environment is bright, happy and uplifting as it truly aids recovery and mental stability. Help cancer patients find resources and minimize stress. My biggest goal is to prevent the cancer patient from becoming stressed and depressed because they are affecting their children and to help prevent the children from being affected  like I was. Children of cancer patients should be shielded as much as possible as they are our next generation....we need it to be a great one.  So with all that being said.......I worked at the same company for 8 years and ran it. Brought it out of recession and increased sales by 40k within 6 months...which was really good for that company. I was able to establish up with Angie's List and within a year win the contractor award and have a A rating ...and get televised recognition on our local news channel on prime then receive 3 sales the next day over the phone. So...there comes a point when life is going any further and its just time to go...unfortunately my time to go I took a leap of faith and left the company to start my own. Sounds crazy since I left my source of income. However, there is nothing sane about faith. Anyways, I'm now facing minor troubles of getting established within the community.....I guess its different now that its my company and my money...and of course the money is limited where as before it was never limited. lol  Not to mention...I'm not provided a service or a product really...I'm simply trying to raise funds so I can give it back to the community.

      Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  We have business cards in the making, we have handed out flyers, we are doing a candy sale, and 5k marathon, I have joined our local chamber of commerce, we are getting shirts this week...and we are participating in our local Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk as a I feel stuck and not sure where else to go....but I know I gotta keep moving.

      So your advice is so greatly appreciated...however, please no negativity...I'm a firm believer in " If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all"  thanks everyone!!!!!!


      "Don't Worry, Be Happy"


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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Kristal, my best advice to you - -

          One a Business Plan

          Two SCORE.SCORE is FREE and can help you with the business plan


          Good luck, LUCKIEST

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            Welcome to the community!  I think Luckiest is right, It is time to sit down and come up with a business plan.  I think your ideas are very valid!  Keep us updated through your journey .



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              abirkhead Newbie


              I was so excited when I came across your post because I have recently started the groundwork for a developing a local charity to help fight drug addiction in my community. The charity would provide access to quality treatment and after care to addicts who are not financially able to afford rehabilitation, do not have insurance and are not eligible for government assistance. I have lost friends and family to drugs and I have seen prescription and street drug addiction destroy so many lives and feel like I have to do my part to help... Even if I am only able to assist one person through my cause, It will be worth every second that I put into the project.

              So... With that being said, I have been collecting ideas for fund raising events, sponsorship and media resources for a while and would love to share them with you!

              I am very fond of supporting the local artist and small businesses in my town. I attend local art fairs and events that offer locals a place to sell their goods etc. I decided to incorporate the local artist community into my charity I came up with ideas for an event that I think will be beneficial to my charity and bring business to local vendors.

              I came up with Art Aid .. Artist aiding Addicts by funding scholarships to quality rehab facilities.

              Here is one of the ways I plan to raise funds-


              Organize a buy local fair - Make it a one time even or hold it every few months.

              Find a company to donate their parking lot or large outdoor space and sell booth space to vendors in your area. Market the event to local businesses and individuals who have products they would like to sell and invite local food trucks, have a popular local band to donate their time and play during the event. Get donations from companies for a raffle or silent auction ... The possibilities are endless with this type of event because you can alter it to fit in with your community. Instead of buy local fair, You could hold a community yard sale and sell booth space to individuals. with both events, you would just mark off the spaces in the lot of your event and the vendors just set up shop!

              Market your charity events thru social media like Facebook and Twitter by offering a drawing for a prize and people who share your event on their pages are entered to win. try offering a gift card or item donated by a local company or a certificate for $25-$50 that they can use to purchase stuff at your event.


              THe most important thing you can do right now to promote your cause is to be VERY ACTIVE in social

              media. Market your self to people in your area that have been affected by breast cancer by joining their FB pages or following them on twitter. They will be the first ones to promote your events and help you get donations for event  space or donations for raffles etc. Also.. follow blogs or facebook pages of groups that support the same cause in other areas. You can get TONS of ideas, support and valuable connections this way!I

              I have many other ideas if you are interested or want help with sharing your cause on social media sites, just let me know.