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    grafikrtist Scout

      How do i use facebook to promote my business ?

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          AngelBiz Tracker

          First and most obvious thing to do is to set up a Facebook profile for your business. You also need to post regular updates about your business and provide interesting stories / ideas about your product or service. Some businesses have also tried running contests and giveaways. Freebies always work.


          Keep in mind that you will not find overnight success in any of the social media channels. You will need to be active and engage regularly with your readers / customers.

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            powellchris42 Navigator

            Facebook’s goal is for businesses and brands to share their stories to connect and engage with people; not for us to use spammy marketing techniques, and the new FB page timeline that was just released is a prime example of this.

            If your business is not on Facebook, it’s probably time to bite the bullet and make it happen.

            Your Facebook page is a great way to build more brand loyalty, more engagement, and increase the size of your user base. Be sure to post up your new deals and work to do so and craft your posts in a manner that asks for user opinion and feedback. It’s no secret that we all have our opinions and when the correct FB status is posted – it can drive engagement through the roof.

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              securitymaven Adventurer

              Something that's really important on Facebook now is the graph search so be sure you are filling out your business information as accurately as possible and use keywords to enhance your page in the description portion. People like complete profiles.  You can use apps like Pagemodo to help you make a professional looking cover photo or to customize your tabs.


              Remember to provide useful, resourceful content 80% of the time and only promote your biz 20% of the time. Social media is primarily soft selling. Hope this helps!

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                I would also ad my facebook business page to any other advertisement that you have already. Business cards  are a great way to provide such information.


                Here are a few more links to some previous articles on our forum that may also offer you great advice.


                Tap into the Power of Facebook with Facebook for Business

                Is Facebook Overrated for Small Business?


                Good luck and let us know how its going for you.



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                  Tarazona Adventurer

                  Dont keep you Face book business page ideal

                  You must regularly update info

                  Share interesting things like pics, videos, etc which would attract the visitors

                  Provide them a space to get interaction

                  As said by Melinda, you can place an advertisement for it

                  Have a customized profile

                  keep changing your cover pic (theme must be related to the business)

                  Dont share long content (100% visitors wont read it)

                  Place a catchy title


                  These are some common points.

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                    icetzou Scout

                    These are some pretty good answers. What kind of business do you have?


                    Another suggestions is to stay away from blasting just your own product all the time. Your fans will get annoyed and unfollow you. Keep your posts in a balance of these three:


                    1) Your specific product.

                    2) Your product genre in general

                    3) Tie your business to something viral already on the web.



                    For example, I own a chain of boba/hookah lounges and our fb posts recent have been:


                    1) Our specific drinks/ mixes we do.

                    2) boba facts/ hookah tips in general.

                    3) Anything has to do with a cafe/ lounge. The movie Carrie recently released a viral video of a prank about a girl have telekinesis power in a cafe and it scared a sh*tload of people. We re-posted the video and asked for feedback of how we can make do it at our location and got a lot of interaction.


                    lastly, pictures always attract more attention than just text.





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                      You have really good information available to you Grafikrtist. Let us know how things are going for you. What you found worked and what didn't. Good luck to you.



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                        seoservicepro Ranger

                        What business are you in?


                        What are your goals with social media? Leads? Direct Sales? Branding? All of the above?


                        What type of resources do you have? Do you have a budget for social media marketing done by professionals? Do you have a staff to do this in-house? Do you have employees that want to help you with it? Or do you plan to do it all yourself?


                        Can't help you with a strategy for FaceBook or any social network until I know the answers to those questions. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. It's about your goals and the resources you have to achieve them.

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                          Ryan Viola Scout

                          Paid marketing

                          Making page and be active

                          Making friends

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                            chrismarklee Scout

                            Facebook is a tough nut to crack. People live on Facebook. They are on Facebook to play. I am going to share only fun stuff from my Facebook Business page - no advertising. Chris Owner CEL Financial Services Please visit my website for all your Income Tax Santa Paula needs.

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                                seoservicepro Ranger

                                Amd now that FB is limiting your reach unless you pay to promote your post, it has become useless for most business owners.


                                FB claims they are trying to create a better user experience by doing this. So, they are saying it's better now that you don't see content from the pages that you purposely "liked" and wanted to see. And that seeing posts "promoted" into your stream/timeline that you never "liked" is a better user experience too.


                                First young people started to leave FB and business owners took their place, now as business owners abandon them, who will replace them?

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                                    I wondered that myself, Seoservicepro. One of the other things that is upsetting, is how they constantly change the formatting of the page itself. I personally am so turned off by the constant change and the new look of Facebook, that I don't frequent it as often. There are plenty of other social networks available to share my information with.

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                                  chrismarklee Scout

                                  My Facebook Business page has been useless for me. I am planning on sharing fun stuff like crafts for kids, etc


                                  Ideas would be appreciated.



                                  Owner CEL Financial Services

                                  Tax Return Preparer

                                  Please visit my website for all your Income Tax Santa Paula needs..

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                                      seoservicepro Ranger

                                      Chris, I'm not here to self promote, but I do offer a free 30 minute consultation to help you create a plan. I can be contacted through my profile.


                                      Here are some ideas you could look into;


                                      Read up on how to run FB contests.


                                      Offer FB deals that require a check-in to people in your area. Check in can be they call you or stop by your office, etc.