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    What makes a great company logo?

    monimesz Adventurer

      Logo Design San DiegoCreating a logo for your business is step one in building a strong brand image. Since we are passionate about design and design is our business we look at business logos differently than others. I think that we can all agree that logos are important. It is true that a great logo will not make your business a success, having a poorly designed one can hurt your business. So, what makes a great logo? I am not sure if you can scientifically define it, but here are my thoughts:

      Professional - Now, this is a gimme, but you have to have a professional looking logo. If it looks like your nephew designed it, your logo will create a poor image of your business.

      Simplicity - Great logos share one characteristic and it’s simplicity. Simple logos are easily recognized. Busy, many colored, complex logos are barely good ideas. Such a logo was created with one thing in mind, the designer’s ego.

      Stand out - Great logos stand out. Do not copy other logos. Copycat logos a destined to fail.

      Avoid cliches - Cliches are never good. Avoid them in your logo. Do not use overly used icons.

      No Story - Your logo doesn’t have to tell a story. Neither does it have to describe what you do. I cringe when I see dentists logos with a tooth in the design. Ouch.

      Fitting - Who is your target market? Is it buttoned up business people or teenagers? Know your target prior to committing to your company logo.

      Readable - Great logos are easily readable small and large. Don’t use weird hard to read fonts.

      Adaptable - Your logo should be easily readable in any color. Even if you have multi-colored logo, it should still read well in black, red, or any color. We don’t always have the luxury of color. Your logo in itself will not sell your product or service. Rather, it sells you. It is often part of the first impression you create about your business. The quality of your logo tells the world how much your image means to your company.


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          Thank you for offering your advice on logos. My question to you is when, if ever, should you change a companies logo?


          I recently had a friend buy an ice cream parlor. It is a business that has been successful in a small community for over 15 years. Business is great because it happens to be the nearest ice cream shop with in a 50 mile radius. One of the things that I found shocking was my friends obsession to change the logo. You can just imagine how much money it cost them to change the store signs, cups, store decorations, business cards, etc...When asked why they chose to do the logo change, the answer was "To emphasis new ownership". I thought this was silly. I wondered why an "under new ownership" sign on the store front wasn't enough. What is your opinion on this?  Has anyone else done a logo change? If so, why?



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              monimesz Adventurer

              Hi Melinda,


              Thanks for your question.  The decision of changing a business logo should not be taken lightly.  The logo is the first thing customers recognize about a business.  If a company has been in business for a long time, updating or changing the logo might be timely.  Walmart is a good example.  They have changed their logo a couple of years ago, to make it more modern.  The new logo is much softer, modern and appeals to women better. 


              Often, another reason for a logo changes is exactly what you have outlined in your message - ownership change.  Many times the new owners want to change the logo to signify change in the business.  This usually means not only change in the ownership, but, change in business practices is well. Perhaps new products or services will be introduced.


              A change/update in the logo should be based on a thorough evaluation of the individual business. The question is:  Does my current logo best represent what my business is all about?  If the answer to this question is no, then a new logo should be created.



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                Moderator Berta Guide

                I agree with Monika, Melinda.  While you might not see the significance of the logo change, it is very important to your friend that the logo be his/hers. Posting a sign saying under new management is effective, however, that alone does not make the business feel like it belongs to your friend. I'm sure that when it came to naming & creating the logo for your business, you had a very real sense of ownership & pride in it. It's the same for your friend. He/she may have decided to keep the original name, but felt the need to personalize the log more to his/her liking & style.