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    Hi everyone!

    securitymaven Adventurer

      HI there,


      Just wanted to say hello! I'm a security consultant with Iron Security but do most of their blogging and am trying to push them more into the digital age! One of my passions is using home automation to help keep seniors in their homes longer. Home automation, video, you know the stuff.


      Let me know if I can be of any assistance. I hope to post some tips on here today!

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          Hi Securitymaven,


          Welcome to the forum. Please peruse our posts and offer us your business experiences so that we may benefit from one anothers stories.


          How long have you been in the security business? Where are you located? What exactly is automation? Do you deal with the private  sector or the business sector? Do you have a web page that we could possibly view to learn more?



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            securitymaven Adventurer

            I just recently joined the security industry after running my own marketing business while completing my Master's degree. My husband was laid off and I was more marketable so I was able to quickly get a new job!


            I really like the security industry because I have aging family members and I am seeing how the technology can help keep seniors in their homes longer and become a blessing for caregivers as far as feeling like they have more control and are able to monitor items like never before.


            Home automation allows you to turn off lights or appliances from a remote location using your phone, tablet or computer. You can also arm/disarm your alarm system and even lock your doors if you have the cypher lock installed! It allows you to use a digital thermostat, all controlled remotely, to save on energy costs.

            Here's a little bit more about the home automation portion but I am creating some marketing materials targeted specifically to seniors and caregivers.


            We deal with both the private and business sector but the business sector usually requires a lot more customization on their systems based on the size and needs of the business.


            Hi Melinda! I wasn't able to log into the site for a few days. I kept getting errors and the forums wouldn't load. I wasn't ignoring everyone!


            I am personally located in Jacksonville and do work in Houston but our initiatives are national in scale. I hope this helps and I will provide more insight when the forums are working again!