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    this is sampath

    sampathgorthi Newbie


      this is sampath,i'm having a small company which deals with all types of business so i need a business project.

      here are the sources we are making(software development,marketing,out sourcing,constructions,BPO's,call centre,web development projects)

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome and good luck.

          It sounds like you need a business plan (as you said a business project).


          What challenges are you facing right now in your business??

          The more you share with the community, the better we can answer your questions.



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            Hi Sampathgorthi,


            Welcome to the forum. Please take the time to peruse and offer us your business experiences as you see fit.


            You could also introduce yourself in a little more detail. I am a little confused with how it is that we can help you. What exactly does your business deal with? Do you have more than one business? How long have you been in business? What walls have you hit and what avenues have you taken so far to address them? Were is your business located and who are you targeting?