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    How to get business promotion?


      I have new business on small scale, but i'm scare about its operations because its profit is low and i cannot bear expenses.

      I just need to increase customers, clients and build strong relationship with others..

      How i can do it ?

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          pauljoachim Scout

          Hi John, it would help to know what you are selling for a more specific answer. Here are a few general ones:


          You obviously need more sales to increase your cash flow.


          Look at ways of increasing your profit margin.  Often times you can lower your expenses in ways you didn't realize or increase your selling price by offering something unique and in demand.


          Work on marketing.  Marketing is key to generating cash flow and sales.  Look at grassroots marketing techniques.   Don't put energy into worrying, take that energy and put it into your marketing effort.


          Network.  A lot of networking is simply sweat equity and doesn't cost money out of pocket.


          Who is involved in the production of your product/service.  Who are the distributors on a wholesale level.  Ask them questions, find out better ways of running your business, getting better products, services.   Who are the clients, define who they are.  What are their likes, dislikes and talk to them to improve your process and one that caters to them.


          I could go on, but again, not knowing your product/service makes it harder.

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            John, speak at live events - real or virtual to get clients and credibility??


            Support a charity??  Talk about the charity and your business.


            I supported a local basket ball team and the young players had my business

            name on their shirts.


            Again good luck, LUCKIEST 

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              LUCKIEST Guide

              John, As you know, I'm in a business. I provide consulting and
              to service business owners who want to sell more info products and
              get more clients, so they in turn can generate revenue.

              "What challenges are you facing right now in your business?":


              I've worked with many business owners.
              Chances are we (the Community) can make some suggestions to help.

              And if you like, tell us a little about yourself - anything you
              would like to share.




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                AngelBiz Tracker

                John - As others have already suggested you need to look into low cost marketing ideas that can bring more customers and sales with spending a fortune. Use of online and offline networking is one way. Also, look into forming a tie-up with another business that is complimentary to yours (Pizza + movie rental) You might also want to look at additional low cost marketing ideas I wrote about in my blog a while ago -

                How to Grow your Business without Spending a Fortune | Small Biz Viewpoints


                You will not see the results overnight with these ideas. Building customers and sales takes time and perseverance.


                Good luck and do provide additional details about your business so we can help you.

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                  orbital config Tracker

                  Hi John,

                  Yea it is a little confusing, it doesn't make sense to be in business and have that low of a profit, I am kinda thinking as business goes on it would eventually not be worth it.Your marketing expense would not pay for you to be in business. What kind of business is it?

                  All these suggestions are good here to do for little cost if any. Another thing that is free (sort of speak - you may have to buy lunch or something basic to participate, but not mandatory) is "small business meet up" and or the "Connections Group" there just free local meet up for networking with others. Business cards are very important, as you will be handing them to all people. In fact you also have the opportunity to give your elevator speech at each meeting ranging from 1 minute to 5 minutes, you also have opportunities to schedule to be one of the speakers to talk about your business, this is all free.

                  If you need assistants in cards, online ads, banners, mailing of any kind, etc. I am a designer and can assist you in your designs, as long as your in the U.S.

                  Are you on social media? are you on all the free sites for advertising? If you have a biz. page on Facebook? you can not connect a personal page. if you make a personal page you also can put a business page, doing it this way you have 2 pages + to do advertising and telling your story, this is virtually free per the time you put in it. If you have a website and not linking things in your biz. circle this may help you out also and is a means of getting traffic to all your sites.


                  This is just the basics to start, but is a spot to, as others have said, start to ask questions and finding out the best way for you and your product.

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                    James Simond Wayfarer

                    Hi John, Do Internet marketing.


                    An effectively implemented Internet marketing campaign can drive lots of revenue to your business.

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                      James Simond Wayfarer

                      Step by step process for John;


                      1. Analyze your business over Internet markets; find competitors and analyze what they are doing or how they are achieving their marketing goals through Internet campaign.


                      2. Create a website, that should reflect the entire business


                      3. Start the internet marketing by optimizing the each business pages for search engine; create good content and add relevant meta tags.


                      4. Find the best channels, that can give better result to you Or where your customers are... Then; create brand pages in selected social media sites and updates regularly; don't forget top engage with users.


                      5. Use Adwords/PPC for quick result.


                      6. Measure your ROI and make necessary changes to your internet marketing strategy.

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                        YesYouCan Scout

                        lots of good answers already.  I assume you hve taken advantage of google local if your business is local.  If you are trying to do low cost national marketing a website (already mentioned) is essential.  Cheapest way is host on Host Gator, get your domain name from GoDaddy, and use Word Perfect to create the site.  If you have absolutely not internet skills, try "" where you can get amazing things done for $5.00.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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                          transcribe Scout

                          There are many ways to promote your products or services on the Internet. Other than the simple online ads, you can use social media marketing. Networking sites provide the most cost-effective way to promote your services as well as brand. Submit informational blogs, press releases and participate in discussion boards to increase your business's visibility and attract traffic.

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                            fendermender Adventurer

                            Hi John,


                            I am new to this community, but I have to say, I am really impressed with the number of responses everyone receives here.  That is great and I most definitely will continue to monitor this forum as I think there is some really good advice to be had here!


                            As everyone here has said, it's a little difficult to help you out if we don't know "what" it is that you're trying to sell or what "services" you offer.  However, regardless of what it is that your business does, the fact remains that just about "any" start-up business is strapped for cash!  Unless you are a Rockefeller or Oprah Winfrey has singled you out as one of her favorites, all new businesses have the same flow. 


                            When it comes to marketing a new business, you basically have two choices to start with.  Either hire someone who knows what they are doing...or do it yourself!  Unfortunately, this decision is really not a "decision" at is merely something that is decided by how much money you actually have to spend!  There is really no reason why anyone can't market their own business nowadays.  With all the resources available to you, it is possible to do your own marketing.  But, it takes time, and lots of it.  It also requires that you do your homework and learn "how" to do it properly.


                            Regardless of your particular niche, the fact remains that there is no "magic bullet" that will skyrocket you to fame and fortune, so do yourself a favor and eliminate the first mistake that many business owners make by weeding out any and all people and companies that claim to be able to do that for you!  Building a business is hard work and it takes time.  Doing your own marketing will most definitely save you some money, but you will have to dedicate your time to actually doing it.  Start by looking at your competitors sites and see what they are doing.  I'm not telling you to plagiarize or copy someone's work, but you can certainly save yourself some time by seeing what works and what doesn't.  No sense in duplicating someone's mistakes, but we can learn from them!


                            Use all of the free resources available to you.  Make sure you have a business Facebook page.  Create a free Google+ account for your business and start by looking for other businesses in your niche and your suppliers.  Create a network of those people and become an active participant in the conversations there.  This will help you in establishing your authority in your niche.  Create an account at Linkedin.  Linkedin accounts are invaluable in connecting with others in your same business and your suppliers.  Also, depending on your particular product or service, setting up accounts at the "review sites" like Yelp!, Angie's List, Foursquare, Pinterest, and others are key to getting your business name noticed.  Angie's list is still one of the most highly respected review sites out there because the people at Angie's List actually pay for the privilege of knowing what others have to say about a particular business before they hire them, thus saving them an enormous amount of time in investigating a product or service.  Make sure to ask your customers to provide you with a review of your services on Angie's list if they have an account there.  Two reviews will get you an "A" rating and a lot more views on Angie's list when your service or product is searched for.


                            Once you create your accounts at the above resources, make sure you participate in them.  Don't just let them sit there.  Write blog posts and announce them on Facebook and Twitter.  Include your friends and co-workers and encourage them to share your blog posts as well!  This is one of the most underused sources of free advertisement there is!  Although many people don't like to ask their friends or family to take the time to do them a favor, this is one time you need to eat some "humble pie" and ask for some help.  The great thing about Facebook and Twitter is that when you share something on your own timeline, it is also shared on the timeline of anyone in your friends list and any other lists you may have created and in turn is shared on those people's timelines and, well, you can see where I'm going here.  You can reach literally thousands of people with one post at places like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, all with one simple post!


                            So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways to get started in marketing your business.  But, all of them are very time consuming and require you do to the extra legwork necessary to do them properly.  If you feel that it is something that you can do and stick with your business yourself can be very affordable.  However, if you feel that you will need help in getting these things done, then you need to entertain the idea of hiring someone to do it for you.


                            These are the choices available to you.  I know it can be very frustrating when you know your budget does not allow for the exact things we know that we need.  However, remember that once you start getting your name out there, the customers will follow.  Once you have built up enough income to increase your marketing budget, take the time to evaluate if it would be better to keep the marketing budget "in-house" or if you would be better off using someone's services.  If you have a partner or partners, you can split up the time necessary for your marketing and divvy up the marketing chores among you and your partners!


                            Hope this helps a little.  I wish you the best and much success in your business.  The most important thing of all is to not ever give up.  The biggest and best brands out there were once small businesses.  Keep that in mind as you work to grow your business.  Remember that everything you do to increase your visibility does help and you will never be wasting time if you are spending that time working on getting your business name noticed!


                            Good luck!


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                              crifjohnson Tracker

                              Ya these words are very encouragement and really thankful for this post.There are many ways to promote your products or services on the Internet as well. Other than the simple online ads, you can use social media marketing. The Networking sites provide the most cost-effective way to promote your services as well as brand. Social networking sites gives better effect in these days as well.

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                                Moderator Berta Guide

                                How are things going, John? Has any of this information helped you?