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    Point of Sale (POS) Systems

    amspcs Ranger

      Gone are the days when businesses use simple 'credit card machines' to process their sales.  The complexities of modern business, including increased competition and shrinking margins to name just two, demand the use of modern technologies like POS system to speed up checkout lines, enhance inventory management, eliminate pricing errors and waste that result in shrinkage, and so forth.  Nowadays  everyone is selling POS systems.  One major supplier is hawking the supposedly "FREE POS system", which of course, it is not.  Square is jumping on the band wagon as well, touting their point-of-sale system as simpler, cheaper and better....none of which,are accurate claims by any stretch, by the way.  Many others are also in the market, some contenders, some pretenders. "Buyer beware" was never more true then when shopping for and comparing POS systems.  There are literally tons of caveots, nasty surprises, and "got'cha's" waiting to bite the unwary consumer.  Be prepared to do your homework, and plenty of it. Here are two good places to start: If your business is contemplating going :"Square" with their POS offering, here is some required reading for you; If you are considering going with the "free" POS offering you see advertised all over the place,  read this report before you sign;