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    How to reach your target audience

    womensjournal Wayfarer
      After I identify my target audience and I know who my customers/clients are, I must reach this market.

      Please share your experience and expertise in trying to attract new customers/clients to your business.
      What works and what does not work when trying to reach your target audience?

      "Share the good and the bad"
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          LUCKIEST Guide



          If your advertising
          budget, assuming you even have one, is low to start with, blowing it all on a
          single high-profile ad placement isn’t likely to yield significant long-term
          results. It might make more sense to try a variety of low-cost outlets to find
          something that works.



          Small business
          owners face a daunting task of breaking through today’s non-stop ad clutter to
          reach buyers. Do NOT give up. There are ways to win the small business
          advertising game. “For the average business owner, creating and placing an ad
          is like learning a foreign language,” says marketing consultant Andrew
          Griffiths. “But advertising works and the more time and energy you put into
          your advertising, the greater your results will be.”



          Time, energy
          and creative thinking are critical. You can find low-cost options in almost
          every advertising category. While display ads in magazines and newspapers can
          be expensive, advertising in the classified section costs less and is often
          overlooked. Readers flock to the classifieds in many trade and specialty
          magazines. Look for publications that specifically target your customers. Try a
          few test ads to gauge response.



          online through search engines is inexpensive and has become the single most
          popular new advertising outlet for small business. You’ll find complete details
          and guidelines on creating and managing pay-per-click ad campaigns at search
          giants such as Google and Yahoo!



          lower-cost option in the direct mail arena is postcards. They are simple,
          timely and easy for customers to read quickly at a glance. And they are
          considerably less expensive than typical letter-and-envelope type mailings.



          the right ad medium, however, is only part of the battle. You still need to
          create a plan for your ad program and craft a message that works. A few tips:


          * Choose \\ words and images that appeal to your customers and prompt them to action.
          * Create a \\ message that stands out from the crowd, but keep it simple.
          * Don’t \\ advertise on impulse. Create a plan; select several ad methods that can \\ support each other, and don’t give up before your ads have a chance to \\ work.
          * Seek \\ outside assistance.


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            puzzleman Tracker
            I started by doing art & craft shows along with community celebrations and festivals. This was good for me as I was able to interact directly with my customers and non customers which lead me to learn what kind of customer and what kinds of products would work. Once I determined my target market, I do festivals and shows in their communities. I also do postcard drops to select zip codes that meet my criteria. Of course, I follow up with my current customers and ask them for referrals.

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                womensjournal Wayfarer
                Referrals ! Are great when you can get them. What do you do when you have asked everyone you already know for referrals more then once???
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    Referrals, Interesting question

                    Ask "Feel good" Question


                    So what are some of these "Feel-good" type questions?

                    1. "How did you get started in the 'widget' business?" \\ I call this the "Movie-of-the-Week" question because most people love \\ the opportunity to "tell their story" to someone. This, in a world \\ where most people don't care enough to want to know their story.
                    2. "What do you enjoy most about what you do?" Again, you \\ are giving them something very positive to associate with you and your \\ conversation. You are making them feel special, important.
                    Know this: the typical person knows about 250 people. Thus, every time
                    you meet one new person, and develop a relationship based on the fact
                    that he or she now feels as though they "know you, like you and trust
                    you" you've actually just increased your personal prospect list a
                    potential 250 people, every single time. Do this often enough and
                    before long, you'll cultivate a network of endless referrals.

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                      puzzleman Tracker
                      Because of the nature of what I sell (personalized wooden puzzle step stool for children) a lot of people give them as gifts. When the recipient receives my products, we have enclosed a catalog sheet as well as have my name, website and phone on the back of each item. I also send along a request that if they love their gift and want to tell others, to send me a pic of their child with the product and I will post it on my website.

                      These recipients then love the product enough to send it to others and it spider webs from there. I have customers from around the world that know my product from others giving it to them. That is how I get referrals.