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    I am planning to start an eshop ?

    engagedots Scout

      Hi friends,


      I am planning to start an eshop. I want to know some tips regarding how to create a successful ecommerce site ? How to improve my sales through ecommerce ? etc.


      Share your experience, if any ?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Engagedots,


          Congratulations on your new business adventure. One of our members just started a great discussion about the ecommerce business. Tarazona's information maybe of great help to you. View the post here9 Things every ecommerce company should measure


          Tell us a little bit more about your business. What kind of an eshop will it be? Who is your targeted customer base? Do you have a website set up yet? Have you begun to advertise yet? If so, where?



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            phanio Pioneer

            Two things I will suggest.


            First, make sure that you create your site - including the eCommerce portion of it - with the focus of the customer. In fact, you should act like a customer from time to time to see how your site works and where there are errors or struggles. This way, you can make the process simple, easy and profitable for all involved.


            Second, while it may seem like eCommerce is about product and function, it is really about marketing - letting your potential customers know who you are, what you offer and why you are better then the competition.


            If you can focus on these two issues - you will find success.

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              Tarazona Adventurer

              Hi Engagedots,


              Thats really nice to hear. Moreover today most of the people are switching to online business.

              Here is a blog on How to create a successful ecommerce website


              @ Melinda - Cool :-) that you have shared my post.

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                powellchris42 Navigator

                Hi Engagedots,


                It's great to hear, that you are planing for eshop... Here are some blogs that can help you for your first step on ecommerce business and also you can find lots of information regarding e-commerce business.

                9 Step Process to Start, Launch, and Grow Your Ecommerce Website

                Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Daily Deal or E-commerce Website

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                  Sameera Khan Navigator

                  Its very important to take advice from other people who are into eCommerce business. That will help you to get good advices and suggestions from experienced people  and automatically this will help you to make good and engaging eCommerce store.Here are the most must haves of eCommerce Business:-


                  • Rich Usability:- You definitely heard this, first impression is the last impression. So you must go fro User testing to analyse user reactions, needs before going to launch eCommerce business.
                  • Sale optimized Platform:- Make your website that much eligible so that customer can't leave your website before making any purchase.
                  • Intuitive Features:- Make product search and comparison easier for your customer so that client may not feel confused while doing search in your Website.

                  The other things that business startups should keep in mind are as follows:-


                  • Avoid Bad Content. It may spoil your website sales, traffic
                  • Try to out a good and unique impression on your customers.
                  • Offer good deals and offers
                  • Deliver relevant content
                  • Keep Website user Interface simple and easier to use that includes login, registration and checkout process.


                  Explore more about eCommerce Startups  here:- Ecommerce Startups- How to make your business successful? | Online Business Tips, Tutorials & Solutions

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                    chicagocio Scout

                    I think that where you may want to start is on what features you think the site should have.  There is plenty of resources on common do's and don'ts about eCommerce.  But there's only one source on what's going to make your site unique. You. Start with the idea.  Business plan and best practices will come later.  Just type up or write down or swipe it or however you want to jot down your idea but get it written down.  Get the help of someone you trust who has a strong IT background to help you organize your thoughts in a somewhat technical/logical fashion because you'll need that for whoever you have to actually put the site together and if a website is going to be your product then having an IT resource to help guide you and advise you is very beneficial.


                    Here's some tips about working with information technology vendors.  You might want to do a prototype to help you flesh our your ideas in a concrete way.

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                      Hi Engagedots,


                      Just wondering how your eshop is coming along. Maybe you can post your website here so that we can take a look at it for you and offer our opinions. We have many members here who would enjoy hearing about your business adventure.



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                        kimmy burguess Adventurer

                        Congrats Engagedots! The main objective of any ecommerce website is to provide its customers a safe and pleasing shopping experience.  it is important to reassure your customers that it is safe and convenient to buy online. This can be done by developing a high quality web site which will work effectively on the visitor mind. Provide the customers with a checkout button.

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                          crifjohnson Tracker


                          Well , E commerce website must provide its customer a safe shopping experience.The E commerce business owner must consider on their website, The website must be responsive.Apart from this quality and costing of product matter. 

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                            APSharma Adventurer

                            Here are some tactics that help you establish and grow your company online presence:

                            1. Goals: Firstly make clear what is your business short and long term goals.

                            2. Platform: For various business owners,platform start with building a website. so develop a website as it is your focal point where people want to learn about your business  and interact with you.

                            3. Website Hub: Make best you use of your website.

                            4. Reason: Always give solid reasons to your visitors to visit your website again and again. The one thing you can do is to create a blog

                            This help your business to gain credibility and authority while providing valuable content to readers.

                            5. Get Social: Don't totally focus on your website, follow everywhere strategies.

                            6. Join Online Community : Being social is not enough for your business. Try to involve people in your social world and the best way to do this is to join group and online communities who share same interest.

                            Having strong online presence is essential but the most important to increase brand awareness is the way you attract with your customers.

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                                Moderator Rebecca Guide

                                Thanks for sharing your great advice for establishing an online presence, APSharma!  I especially agree with the last two, getting social and joining online communities.  It can be easy to be distracted with concentrating on your website and forgetting the small things that will drive visitors and business to your website.  I am far more likely to visit, and do business with, someone I know online in a social environment.


                                Joining an online community is somewhat like a brick and mortar shop joining a community event, such as a parade, a picnic or little league.  When people get to know the owners outside of the strict business environment, and see that they are actively involved in their community, it drives business.  It is no different in the cyber world.


                                I hope the original poster, engagedots, has a chance to see your great reply.