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    7 Creative Ways to Get More Referrals and Sales to your Business.

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      We are more inclined to trust our friends over a paid advertisement.

      As a result of this, getting ‘User Renerated Recommendations‘ should be a core focus of your marketing efforts as we continue down the track into the socially connected, 21st century, digital world.

      The popularity of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, (shall I go on?) have made it so that the most powerful forms of advertising that really any business or merchant can utilize is user generated recommendations.

      Friends telling friends what they recommend is nothing new. In fact, referrals are one of the oldest forms of marketing that has been utilized.

      The difference between now and five or more years ago is the sheer size, popularity, and amount of time that well over a billion people spend on these social sites.

      7 Ideas to Implement in Your Business.

      1. Make it easy to share.

      1 or 2 clicks should be all that your prospects and clients need to do in order to share your business, product, or services to their network of friends and fans.

      2. Ask people to share.

      Don’t beat around the bush about it. If you are proud of your business, products, or services; have a very blatant call to action encouraging users to help spread the word and share. You’ve seen how political pundits take away points from politicians if they don’t specifically ask for your vote? Well, the same holds true online. Make a direct request!

      3. Make it ‘hard not to share.’

      Some things are just too good NOT to share with friends and family. Whether or not it is because it is hilarious, think, or just an incredible deal, if the product, service, or offer is good enough, folks feel inclined to tell the people they care about.

      4. Price Drop

      Drop the price if user shares or tweets about your product or service immediately before purchase. This could be a fool-proof way for you to maximize your user generated recommendations. Even the slightest of discounts can encourage your about-to-be-a-new-customer to share.

      5. Offer Coupons

      Give coupons or incentives to your customers for sharing immediately after their purchases. If they share on Facebook or Tweet it, they could receive a coupon or discount.

      6. Affiliate commissions and incentives.

      Give affiliate commissions, credits to your site, or referral incentives for your customers and prospects to share or tweet your product or service. These could be cash incentives, prize incentives, or even credits for future use.

      7. Use Humor, Fear, or Emotion.

      The next marketing campaign you run, try and incorporate humor, fear, or some form of emotion that directly connects with your target market. Making people think, like, share, and talk about your advertising or promotion will yield more social interaction, more traffic, and hopefully… more sales.

      What are some ways that your business is attracting more user generated recommendations?

      The following is a guest post by Chris Powell.  Chris is a team member of, provider of daily deal software, solutions, and sales training.