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    Will PayPal increase/decrease your sales?

    HalfPriceSoft Adventurer

      PayPal said their checkout method could boost sales. We have used their service for many years and are happy with them. However, we got more customers' complains this year about PayPal check out. Some customers could not check out with PayPal, but they had no problem to purchase our software with the same credit card by checking out though other service providers.


      Did you see the same problem?






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          koln123 Tracker

          We have not had a problem, buying, selling, as well as transferring money through Paypal.   Customers often like using Paypal as well on Ebay.  This combination of Ebay and Paypal might also help sales.  We have found our transactions increase somewhat with Paypal.  It seems that the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages, though this may not be the case for all customers.  Consider taking a close look at how many sales you have added and how much easier sales may be for customers by using Paypal versus the number of customers that have had problems.  Good luck

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            Hi HalfPriceSoft,


            My only negative experience with paypal has been not being able to purchase items from a foreign country simply because my said paypal account is foreign. Which I don't totally understand. I was told that I would have to open a different paypal account that can support that particular country. One of the reasons I choose a paypal account is because of the convenience to shop anywhere I would like to. Turns out to be a disappointment on my part.



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                amspcs Ranger

                Anybody using Paypal, Square etc. is eventually going to be in for a very big negative surprise.  They are NOT merchant accounts, they are "Aggregators" .  Anybody who does not know the difference is doing their business a very big disservice.  Here is some sssential reading for anyone even THINKING of using an Aggregator like Paypal or Square:  This post targets Square, but applies to Paypal as well.  As for the foreign transaction issue:  The reason they don't like foreign transactions is because they are very high risk for obvious reasons, i.e. essentially no recourse if the transaction goes bad. Rest assured that if Paypal or Square DID permit a foreign transaction, they would withhold the merchant funds for a very long time, as is their practice.

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                Moderator Berta Guide

                Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences with Paypal! Does anyone else have anything they'd like to add?