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    Business Set Back

    weekend_warrior Newbie

      Hello Fellow Members,


            My name is Clinton, I am a U.S. Veteran who feels thatthe only way to get ahead in life is by working hard and being honest in every aspect of my life and I apply the same to my business as well.

            Before getting m business started I worked nights (Still Do) for a temporary agency to provide for my family and I and I used whatever extra money (was not much) to buy used lawn care equipment and about a month ago I found someone who was willing to sell me a utility trailer on payments and it looked as if my business was starting to take off, but about two weeks ago I returned home from work at 2:30 to find my trailer missing, so I called the police and filed a report with them, but it still has not been found and I am left with still having to pay for a trailer that I am not able to use and to add to everything many of the lawns I had worked hard to line up for service are large lawns and without the means to transport my equipment I am on the verge of seeing them lost.

           Now please do not misunderstand me here, I am not here asking for a hand out, I am here asking if anyone could nelp me out with loan or maybe a trailer in exchange for lawn care services.....Please Let Me Know.