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    Back to School!


      Here's a timely article from Steve Strauss : Back to School for Your Business


      Gone are the days when one ideal fit the mold to running businesses . How do you stay on top the competition and keep informed about the product you sell?  I look forward to your comments!




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          In this rapidly changing technological and economic environment it is easy to get swept up by new competitors if you are not careful. It is only by learning and staying on top of trends will you be able to respond in a timely manner. As ex-CEO of Intel famously said - only the paranoid survives.

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              Depending on the type of business, constant education is a requirement for licensing. Not only does our head architect participate in seminars and workshops, our staff is also in attendance. We also take advantage of the many builders conventions not only as a way of advertisement but to get to know the many products available so that we may pass them on to our potential clients.


              Sometimes it gets tedious to balance work with education schedules plus fulfilling the licensing requirements but, it is all worth it in the end.