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    tri-fold brochures

    grindstaff3 Newbie
      does anyone know of a program or company or how to create at home a professional looking tri-fold brochure to give to my clients. i am an esthetician that just started booth rental and need help doing my own advertising.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Good luck, Suggestions
          Try googling "professional looking tri-fold brochure"
          Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE
          *and Go to Members page and add a *few words about your business
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            You can use Microsoft Word or Publisher (or WordPerfect, if you're a Corel person) to design your own three-fold brochure. There are a variety of free downloadable templates available for each of those to help you get started. When you're ready to print, Office Depot has a premium gloss inkjet tri-fold brochure paper (Item 143-085, SKU 35854-18127) that looks great even with fairly inexpensive home inkjet color printers, and it is reasonably priced (about $20 for 100 pre-scored sheets).

            The nice thing about printing your own brochures when you're just starting out is that you can control your costs by only printing the number you need, and you can experiment with different layouts to see what produces the best results.
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              lowdose Wayfarer
              Break down your cost to cost per unit. How much are you going to pay per brochure? Well, if your brochure's content stays the same over a long period of time, your best bet is to price out professional printing companies. Ask them what their CPM (or cost per thousand) is. Go with the lowest one because usually, printers use the same standard equipment.
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                ToniM25 Wayfarer
                If you are in need of graphic designs services I offer FREE graphic design services just visit my website at and submit a design request send me all your text and ideas and I will create something for you at no cost. Then if you are in need of online printers I have links on my website to some of the top online printers with the best prices and quality. I would love to help you promote your business, I have been designing for over 9 years now.
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                  PRINTERS Wayfarer
                  If you are not interested in a professional design or print support You can try softwares like PRINTSHOP, PRINTMASTER etc. They are excellent. You can check the pricing online before you buy from any shops like office depot , circuitcity etc. Here i am placing a link which you can check

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