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    We Educate Entrepreneurs on Raising Money...

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      Hi this is Jason with the INVESTyR DealTeam. INVESTyR stands for Invest Your Reputation. We educate entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to directly access capital. This is done through our online courses in the marketplace. To date, we have 600+ students and have worked with a handful of early stage companies and helped them bring money into their round. We feel all entrepreneurs should be EMPOWERED to access this money that is out there today. We like to say, "People invest in people" and that is because it's never too early to start building relationships with potential investors.


      We are glad to be a part of this community. For that reason, we would like to offer anybody a FREE coupon to our course, "Assemble an A+ Advisory Board". Check it out here Assemble an A+ Advisory Board by INVESTyR DealTeam | Udemy


      On behalf of the INVESTyR DealTeam, we hope to bring value to the community and offer advice on growing your business, especially fundraising.

      Send us a friend request, direct message or comment. We're here to help!