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    Spending too much on adwords

    vharkish Adventurer

      Whether it's Google Adwords or Bing, I feel like we spend way too much on adwords, some month it's worth it and some month it is like a waste. 


      The hardest part is finding a good company who manages Google Adwords.  Any recommendations? 


      Vijay Harkishnani



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          Hi Vharkish,


          Adwords are just like any other advertising or marketing strategies that we put into place. There are months that business is great and others where crickets are chirping. Its just the nature of the beast. There are many factors to consider when advertising. But it is certainly a smart move to look into more than one service if things are not where you think they should be.


          I have heard of bing ads but am not familiar with them. Google seems to be the most popular.



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            ricketyroo Newbie

            Hi Vharkish,


            There a lot of companies out there that can help you manage your AdWords account, my company included (though I'm not here to pitch you, just want to help).  I can provide you some more helpful information, but I would need these questions answered first and foremost.

            • How are you tracking your conversions?
            • What is the campaign and ad group structure inside your AdWords account?
            • How many ads are you testing in each ad group?
            • Is there any landing page testing going on?
            • What kind of negative keywords have you added to the campaigns since starting?


            If you could answer these that would help me out in giving you some tips on how to maximize the money you are spending on Google AdWords.




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              pauljoachim Scout

              Rick is certainly right, there are a lot of companies out there that will help you manage PPC like cloudburst consulting(a friend of mine)


              If you continue to do it yourself I would do what Rick suggested, please look at target niche keywords.  The keywords that aren't as competitive but still bring in qualified traffic.  Often they bring in better qualified traffic because they are more specific and niche to your product.   Lets say you target 'belly scarf' which get 12,000 searches per month and it costs $10 per click.  Instead of putting money towards that target 'kids belly scarf fringe'  that might get 1000 searches and cost $2 per click.  Put together 12 of these types of keywords and you are getting as much exposure as belly scarf at a 5th of the price.  Plus the keywords are better targeted so you are more likely to convert that click into a sale. 

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                HalfPriceSoft Adventurer

                I would like suggest  you use both

                - Google Adwords Conversion feature

                - Google Analytics Report


                to find out which keywords can bring you buyers not just visitors. Then you can delete or decrease the bid for the bad keywords to lower your cost.


                These reports help us a lot. It hope they work for you too.



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                  ClearlyFiltered Adventurer

                  You need to know your Conversion rate for your site and monitor which keywords are working best for you.


                  Sometimes it's better to work on your site to make it convert better, but you first need traffic (ie people going to it) for it to convert!


                  If you convert at 1% and you sell something that costs you $50 and you sell for $100 ($50 Net Profit). Then for every 100 people you send to the site, 1 will purchase.


                  What that means is you either must pay < $0.50/click or < $50 per conversion in order to break even.


                  If you could look into why people leave your site without purchasing and increase your conversion rate, then you wont need to pay to send more people to your site.


                  Make sense?