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    Time management


      What are some issues you believe eat at your time spent on your business? There are tasks that don't always glean business ,such as reading emails, that take up a lot of time during the work week.

      According to a study by McKinsey Global Institute, the average employee spends 28% of their workweek reading and answering email.  How do you think you might reclaim some of that time ? How do you look at time management and how do you increase productivity?



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          AngelBiz Tracker

          Email definitely is one of the most time consuming utilities out there. Some of the email management tools developed by Google and others that automate the tasks of prioritizing and classifying emails help reduce the time spent on emails.


          Social media has become another time waster for many. Once you go on the Facebook or Twitter it is is easy to spend 15-30 minuets without even realizing it.


          One of the approaches I take is to prepare a daily, weekly and monthly to-do list and stick to it. I have written several article on productivity and time management specifically targeting small business owners. If you are interested and allow HTML posting here I can provide the links.


          Please let me know.



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            shenoi Newbie

            We have particular capabilities and interests which make us more productive and time efficient because we are in our own flow. Some skills may be learn from others, but often we try to learn against our own idea. Better to find how to share with others better at those skills.


            Time management is a major challenge for me, when working from home. However, recently I have read an excellent time management plan, I find it very helpful. Then, I have started to follow the plan and after I have the time set aside is allowing me to more effectively focus on the tasks at hand and has decreased my stress about getting it all done in my business.

            Also, I prefer to use time tracking application to manage the time and increase productivity. I use Replicon ( Online Time Recording Software | Employee Time Recording Systems | Online Time Recorder Software | Replicon ) software for time management. It has been very helpful for me to quickly prepare invoices in a very professional manner because I just have to pull up the project hours to make invoices. It just takes a few minutes to make the invoices.

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              crifjohnson Tracker


              Time management is major concern for business.The social media world really influence the productivity level of business. A routine or schedule will help to stay on work. But i suggest you to develop a software application from any recognized software company to track time. Generally time tracking application record time of every employee  while they work. If they switch for a second from the application a message send automatically to the manager.

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                  chicagocio Scout

                  In the end as a business owner you have to find a way to create a measurable unit for the work you have people do.  I've managed software teams before and that's a particularly difficult group to track how productive they are being.  You can't count lines of code written because good developers write less code for the same output.  You can't measure it in terms of time in front of the computer because developers still print things and sketch out designs or talk to team mates about best solutions.  But you can track software requirements and you can have a non-developer test that they are met by the developers work.  Yes some requirements are more difficult than others but over time an average amount gets done.  You use software, custom or off-the-shelf, to track that work and then you can reward those beating the average and coach those falling below.  It's not a perfect system but it helps, because it measures productivity against the deliverable instead of time spent on it.  So in summary,  I would say what's your output ultimately?  And how do you measure who was responsible for it and when it was completed?  You do that and you don't have to worry as much about what they were doing on their computer.  A natural competition with good tracking will eventually show you the weakest links.