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    Where to find Software projects?

    geliang Newbie



      I started my business 5 years ago.

      It is a software company based on Redmond WA.

      So far it is quite good.


      However, I only have one client ( you might be able to guess which company) - my entire work life is with that company either as FTE or as vendor since 2000.

      Although I do busniess with multiple groups of the client, but it will be nice to expand into somewhere else.


      I am pretty sure we can help a lot of people - I have seen many times that people struggling with problems which look so easy to us.


      The problem I have is, I have no idea where to look for software projects elsewhere.

      For example, a place where people can bid will be good.

      Of cause, people with exiting connections is the best.


      Anyone can help?

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          Hi Geliang,


          Well you have started in the right place. Welcome to our forum.


          Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself and the company you have. What is it that your company does exactly? Do you have a website that we may be able to look at? I am sure many of our experienced members will have some very good advice to offer you and steer you in a positive direction.