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    Multiple EIN?

    kellie Newbie

      HI.  I recently filed a "new business LLC" and needed to obtain a new EIN.  My accountant instructed me that the current corporation "is the owner" of the LLC (it functions as a program we run, and needs to be a separate entity now due to the nature of our business)


      I applied for a new EIN using the current EIN I have for the corporation--is this even possible?


      I am thinking I will have to apply for the new EIN using my social security number.....please advise.

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Kellie,


          I would suggest checking with your accountant or even the IRS to see how you should have or need to redo the application. It seems to me the accountant should have told you, provided of course, he or she knew. But, the IRS should definitely be able to tell you the proper way to apply for an EIN number.