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    What about business logos?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      In your mind's eye, you have a picture of how your business should look - should look to your employees and definitely to your customers.  BUT do you have a logo?


      And if you have a logo, does it represent your business in a pleasing and perhaps, exciting way?  The article: Logo Logic: How the right logo can take your small business to the next level gives us the examples of Nike, Twitter, and Starbucks.  When we see those logos, we immediately know the company, don't we?


      Take time to read this informative article.and see how you think your business logo stands up to the suggestions and hints in the article.  What?  You say, you don't have a logo?  Then this article is just for YOU!


      Let us know the thought processes you went through to decide upon your present logo.  Do you think it represents your business well?  Might you be considering a change?


      We'll be waiting to hear from you.



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          sarahadam Adventurer

          Nice article Cath, Author is describing the importance of Innovative Logo Creation in a smart way by including some great samples.

          Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the business world, people cannot read French or English or Hindi or Spanish -- but are great in remembering signs.

          Digital Branding plays a very big role in making such signs. Professional Offshore Product Development firms gives you smarter and quality services as far as meaningful Innovative Logo creation is concerned.

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