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    Small Phone store -- HELP

    rgo_0908 Wayfarer

      So, Im looking to open a phone store in the next few months... I have been researching alot about it, but I still have a few questions if someone can help me....

      To connect with a Master Dealer would I have to have a store first or is it possible to get connected & then pick a location etc ??

      How much would need to be invested in the beginning to start off?

      Does anyone know any Master Dealers around Philadelphia area ?

      If anyone can help me & kind of walk me through the process it would be great, you can reply back on here or email me at Thanks guys!


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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Ronnie, welcome to the community!


          Congratulations on deciding on a business venture.  To try to help, are you thinking of servicing just one carrier or will it be many carriers? I think that may be your first decision. If it's just one major carrier then I would suggest contacting them to see what they may require for new authorized dealers. If it's going to be many carriers, I think that you would need to contact all of them & be sure to let them know that you are going to carry many brands & services so that they can set up a contract accordingly with you.


          Hope this helps some.



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            AngelBiz Tracker



            I recommend you connect with Master Dealer and/or cell phone carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) before committing to a location. You can start researching the best location, but it may be better to get an understanding of what the requirements are from Master Dealer in terms of location.


            The biggest expense for start-up will be the inventory. Other expenses include legal, business filings, building lease and improvements and marketing. You should talk to someone who is familiar with this business to get an understanding of the expense for each of these items and get validation from an outsider. I will be happy to review some of these if you are interested.



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                rgo_0908 Wayfarer

                Thank you for the reply, i really appreciate it! Unfortunately, the private dealers I know are to themselves & are not about helping others learn.. They see it as teaching competition, which is understandable .. So, just to understand the basics, if I were to contact a Master Dealer, how would I approach them.. I don't want to sound unprofessional, or unexperienced speaking with them. How would I connect with them without have the business name registered etc. What are some questions I would ask them?

                Sorry to be a nudge..



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                    AngelBiz Tracker

                    I would just approach them in a straightforward manner and explain what you are  trying to do. Just tell them that you are planning to start a phone store and want to understand what is involved and how they can help. You may be surprised to see how helpful some of them can be. You are a potential customer for them, after all. I have used this technique even with some of the competitors and found that they are willing to talk to you as long as you respect their time and are forthcoming.


                    Just make sure you learn the basics of business before approaching them so you sound professional and sincere.

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                  Moderator Naoko Adventurer

                  Wonderful advice and answers!

                  It's great to have community like this

                  Hope everything goes as you planned and

                  wish you success in your business.