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    Summers can be hard ......

    Moderator Cath Guide

      ...for employees AND for small business owners, too.  You and your employees can hear the vacation stories from others and just wish you all could be any place but working.  What can you do to let your employees know how much you value them?


      Steve Strauss' newest article: 5 Ways to Engage Your Employees This Summer gives you some food for thought.  He shares 5 tips that you could use to engage your employees this summer - well any summer, for that matter.


      Which of the 5 do you think you might consider using first?  Do you have some other tips you would like to share, too?



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          phanio Pioneer

          None - it should not be about your employees - but about engaging your customers during the slow summer months. If you have tons of customers - your employees should be engaged in servicing their needs. Would rather see 5 Ways To Engage You Customers This Summer - to see your small business grow into the fall.

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              Moderator Berta Guide

              While I agree that your business is about meeting the needs of your customers, if your employees aren't happy then they will not treat your customers very well. It's a delicate balance that has to be met in order for employees to "want" to make the customers happy & keep their jobs. If your employees are dis-satisfied & you do nothing to correct the situation as it pertains to your business & their workplace, then you have also let down your customers.


              How do you keep your employees engaged/happy to the point that they want to work and engage with your customers?



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              AngelBiz Tracker

              All the ideas are in Steve's articles are excellent. However, they are not limited for just the summer. Any business should be applying these ideas to improve employee engagement all the time. I particularly like the last one - giving something that is not expected. Small and frequent rewards can go a long way towards delighting and engaging your employees.

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                Jennifer Adventurer

                Until & Unless your business revolves around ice cream or pool parties, summer is often a slow season. Employees and bosses are catching up on vacation. Customers are too, meaning fewer calls and e-mails to answer each day.

                And while I whole-heartedly endorse summer-time R&R (I'm counting the days until I can head for Nags Head), I've noticed that the summer is a great season for analyzing and upgrading your business. Iremember 2 years ago i launched Work It amid the late-July heat. Though work started on the project in May, one reason we wanted a summer launch date so we'd have a few weeks to iron out the kinks while school was out and office lights were dimmed.