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    How do I get customers to my online storage auctions?

    efreezee Wayfarer

      We are Storage Battles and We host Online Storage Auctions. I want to know the best possible way to attract customers to our storage auctions.  IF anyone has any ideas that would be great.  I have researched about thrift shops and consignment stores but I am looking for other avenues as well.  Any ideas would be great.


      Thank you,

      Erick Carlson

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          Moderator Jim Ranger

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          Welcome to the Bofa Community! I've gone ahead and moved this to the Introduce Yourself area and marked it as a question. Hopefully our members will have some answers to your question.


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            AngelBiz Tracker



            You probably have thought about this already, but look into your target customer base and where they hang out. You want to be creative and not limit your thinking to a narrow group of customers. You can also research into other online avenues where you can target the customer base. Are there industry forums or sites where you can advertise?


            Hope this helps. Good luck.



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              Hi Efreezee,


              You are a very busy businessman!


              Could you please tell us exactly what this business does so that we can be a little more specific with any ideas that we may have to help you.



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                connemp Wayfarer

                Hey Efreezee,


                As the owner of a business which actually buys storage units I've actually been to your site before reading your post but I haven't yet seen any auctions within 50 miles of me, but if I ever do I would be willing to try it out, my only concern is that the units would be "gone through" since they are being opened and inventoried far before they are sold. My best experiences come from storage facilities which cut the lock in front of you and I've actually seen managers of other facilities removing items from units before selling them at other locations but I'm not sure how you would be able to fix that problem. Anyway, to answer your question, you have to advertise where your customers are already looking. In our business store owners and/or employees are constantly trying to find new items that they can buy and resell, this means we're always on craigslist, and a new outlet that I have recently found is facebook GROUPS. I know that you keep your facebook PAGE updated but you should definitely look into starting a public group. It will be by invite only though so you'll have to invite the first few hundred people manually but after that people will start requesting to join and you will only have to click accept from then on and the group will probably end up growing faster than your actual page. Also, most of the storage unit buyers in my area will also visit all of the auction houses and tag sales in the surrounding area so you might want to cross promote with auction houses or post on yard sale sites or in the yard sales sections of popular newspapers. I'm not sure if any of that would actually be practical for your business but it's definitely been working out for mine. Anyway, I think your site is a great concept, good luck with it!