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    Facebook (About??)

    LUCKIEST Guide


      Today I received 5 invitations to connect on Facebook. I didn't know the people, but that's okay. I'm a pretty good detective.

      So I checked out the "About" section of their Facebook pages. (Obviously, I'm using secret underground techniques available only to trained spies.)

      And (drum roll please): Only 2 of the 5 had completed their About Pages on Facebook.

      So consider this message a public service announcement. Does your market check you out on Facebook? And if they do, what will they find when they click on "About??"

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          I believe that many people treat their facebook business page as if it was their personal face account, hence your post. While facebook was originally set up for personal use, it quickly capitalized in the business market. It is a great idea to bring a personal atmosphere into your business page (especially if you have that type of a business - dentist or physician). But let us not forget that your business page is exactly that.......a business. It must be maintained like any other business website.

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              phanio Pioneer

              Just by the name Facebook. If you are using it for your business - then it is the FACE of your business and you much decide what that face is supposed to compel in those potential customers.

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                  I am wondering if many businesses initially start a facebook page to impress friends and think that the exposure will be too small to make a difference. Do you use facebook for your business Phanio and Luckiest?

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                    seoservicepro Ranger

                    Have to disagree phanio. Your website is the face of your business not your social media pages and profiles.


                    Making sales is a process. You go to a car lot, you have a person that shows you around, lets's you take a test drive, asks you what colors you like, let's you sit in the cars and play with the radio, etc.


                    Once that person gets you interested in discussing an actual purchase, they take you to an office where you talk to someone else. This person is called the closer and they are there to close the sale.


                    Social Media is the lot person who is there to get people interested, ask them questions, make friends, be helpful, etc.


                    Then they are supposed to send you to the closer. The website.


                    The website is your true business, the closer. Social Media, Videos, Articles, Blog Posts, Graphics and other marketing tools are the equivalent of the lot salesperson out there getting people interested enough to come see the closer.

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                  Jennifer Adventurer

                  Yes! using FB for business is not a bad idea, but should be in proper format, like:

                  You should not promote or mention your addresses on FB Cover, use your profile for author or owner profile, avoid business logos for, use business logo only for the company pages, before posting about your businesses make sure you have proper networks, and business friends, and your about us profile and other section are genuine & complete with relavant details.


                  If these rules followed off-course FB will be a lot beneficiary.

                  Before you create FB Page for business, i recommend all should go through "Social media Bible".


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