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    Restrictive Signage Rules Hurting Small Businesses

    Ron Nixon Wayfarer

      Looking for a way to "creatively - legally" deal with local very restrictive signage rules.


      Small businesses are not allowed to erect street signs because of "sign pollution." Landlords are allowed to but refuse citing cost of mandatory Monument style signs which don't work because of the small area allocated to each small business. Large corporate signs are everywhere.


      Malls are very expensive and unless you are an anchor (big) store signage available to you is minimal. You are supposed to feed off the big stores.


      Thousands of cars a day pass by our stores unaware that we are open for business. Political candidates and landlords are allowed to put up signs up to 20 square feet without restrictions. A sign that size would give small businesses a fighting chance.  (Expensive advertising does not pay for itself anymore.)


      Our local strip malls are dying. They are back from the roads and unseen by cars that are concentrating on safely getting from one place to another. Signs above our stores, all that we are allowed to have, are ignored.


      Lawn signs and temp signs are forbidden and confiscated and fines can be levied against us. Some places now outlaw employees standing by the side of the road with signs for a businesses. And, paying someone to stand outside your business, can be very expensive even at minimum wage.


      If small business is the backbone of our country why are local governments passing laws that are killing us? Street signage is a one time cost and affordable and gives small businesses a chance to be seen by passing cars.


      The attached picture is a sample of what small businesses are up against. Big monument sign with small slabs for individual stores. To the right (not seen in the picture) is a McDonald's with its signage and entrances. The mall is down a hill off the road below the 4 way intersection. No matter how big signage is on the individual mall businesses, it is outside of the drivers field of vision and too far away to be seen safely. Drivers are too busy negotiating a 4 way traffic stop plus separate entrance and exits from McDonalds, KFC and the mall. Landlords sign is partially visible bottom right of picture.


      Local sign company told me that they filed a lawsuit against the city because of the restrictive signage laws and lost.


      Has anyone had any luck with this problem? Or is it just that cities want us to fail so they can have their big corporate stores? I understand their desire for neat streets and no sign pollution, But, landlords signs are everywhere because their buildings aren't being rented. And, before elections there are candidate political signs everywhere. If sign pollution is the real reason landlords and political candidates should not be allowed to put up street signage.