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      Hello my name is Jodi and I own a clothing boutique, women and men but mostly for women. I am also a nurse but not practicing at the moment. I bought this business existing and have grown it so much. I have been in business for almost 2 years. Its been a rough road but I am determined to make it through. I look forward to discussing with other small business owners and brainstorming to get ideas and Logic. So I'm excited to have found this group.


      Thanks Jodi

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          Hi Jody,


          Welcome to the community! Please feel free to browse the site & if you have any questions that the community members can help with, start a discussion so we can all give assistance. Also, if you see any discussions that you'd like to share your knowledge or experience on, go right ahead & let us get to know more about you.


          Congratulations on your business & growing it over the last 2 years. That's wonderful.