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    Immigration policy and impact on IT staffing

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      In working with Dallas IT recruiters, I can tell you the IT sector is suffering from a serious skills gap. Despite the high unemployment rate, IT managers can’t find citizens with the requisite technical skills. Yet we continue to send foreign-born, American-educated engineers, software developers, mathematicians and scientists back to their home countries after they graduate. In 2012, the quota for H-1B visas (which allow U.S. businesses to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations) was filled in less than three months. We need these
      science/technology/engineering/mathematics (STEM) educated professionals tomeet the current demand for IT positions. It is with their contributions and talents that we can increase innovation and production, resulting in new jobs.

      The United States continues to fall behind other countries when it comes to qualified people to take STEM jobs, so we must rely on non-citizens who receive their education here to help us ignite growth through IT. Note that between 1995 and 2005, foreign-born entrepreneurs founded half of the firms in Silicon Valley, the center of U.S. technology innovation. Immigration reform is a hot topic in Washington. I hope our legislators finally act to update the antiquated quota system.


      How do other small businesses feel about this issue?


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          Hi it_recruiters,


          It is unfortunate that this is an issue in the US. This problem will continue if the US does not do something about its education system. This is not just an IT problem. This is happening across the board in every aspect of the job market. It is my experience that the base of this problem starts at a very young age. The education system in the US is having a hard time competing with other countries. The bulk of foreign students are paid top dollar by their own countries to be sent to the US to learn about the modern technology which may not be afforded to them so that they may bring that education back to their own country in order to capitalize on that knowledge and further their own businesses and economics of that said country. The US is suffocating itself do to ethnocentrism. We are greatly limiting our ability to remain competitive because we refuse to acknowledge that we are no longer the "standard". Very few foreigners come to the US with the intentions of staying. A foreign student will only stay if the job offering is better than what their own country will offer.