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    To ask or not to ask

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Do you want to know what your customers are thinking?  I'm sure everyone would say: of course.  But do you REALLY want to know?  Often our customers tell us when they are happy but refrain letting us know when they are not pleased.  They tell their family and friends and might contact the Better Business Bureau in your area but you could be the last to know, unfortunately.


      Robert Lerose has a very informative article that is worth a good read: Gathering Intelligence: Why customer surveys are a smart strategy .  Have you ever used a survey to find out what folks think about you and your business?  Sometimes customers will use a survey to give you the truth that they are unwilling to share with you, face-to-face.  Robert says: "A well-designed survey can reveal what your customers like about your product or service and perhaps more importantly, what they don't.  It can give you a firmer idea of how your business is perceived in the community."


      Read the article and consider if a survey would enhance your business.  And let us know what you decide.