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    Everything going smoothly?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      "Most small businesses could stay afloat for five months before needing outside financial help...." in a crisis.  That is good news but Steve Strauss is pushing our buttons to start Preparing for the Unexpected .  Do you have a plan in place for disasters?  for medical emergencies? for an change in staffing?  If you do, does your staff know where to find these treasures?


      If you need to update some of your plans OR create them, this article is just for you.  We are just fine, no ruffled feathers when everything is going smoothly but should some disaster poke its head up so often we find it is a good thing to have a plan and have it written down.  What would happen if something happened to you?  Could your next in charge keep your business afloat until you returned to work?


      Tell us about how you and your staff prepare for the unexpected.  Share any tips you think might be of value to others.