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    Looking for help marketing

    michael moore Wayfarer

      I'm a small business owner that's been in the electrical business for about 10 years just started a new lighting project that I designed it's a really good look for your home. But i'm really having a hard time trying to get people too see it to commit on it I've spent a lot of money on goggle pay per click and self promotions nothing works slow result but I was able to get 6 homeowners within 1 year after starting the project to purchase they loved it. Everyone keep telling me patients but a look like this can't wait because others have viewed my site and start using my concept so i need to move quicker and i need help on marketing this to people is there anybody out there that can help me (this is a money making  project very profitable but I don't no how to market very well) If you got some great ideas on how to market lets talk(( possible team up)) and make lots of money my vision on this is futuristic (first I want you too visit my site look at it like or dislike or ok then explain) I look forward to your commits thank you

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          Moderator Berta Guide

          Hi Michael,


          You've come to a great place for help. I'm sure some of our members will have suggestions for you.


          Come on y'all. Lets see what we can do to help with Michael's marketing issues.



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            sarahadam Adventurer

            Hi Michael,


            For getting more impressions, visitors and ultimately more clients, first you need a good website that attract customers. Website should be well optimized for more organic visitors. Organic visitors means leads who visit your site via Search Engine by using some keywords like Exterior Lighting or Lighting in Texas etc.


            For that you have to do proper Keyword Optimization for your site. Your website is not that much attractive. If a lead enters your site, we have to convert him/her to business.

            If that's not happening, then you have to make some changes.

            1. You have to redesign/modify your website to attract more leads.

            2. Have to add more contents in every pages.

            3. Should follow proper Search Engine guidlines.

            4. Have to do proper SE Optimization.

            5. Should be active in Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ etc

            6. Register your website in leading directories and other sites.

            7. We can follow other methods of marketing at the same time.


            There are several things that depends on the Business Success. If we are following each and every aspect in its perfect way, we will win in all the situations.


            Thanks and Regards,

            Sarah Adam


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                michael moore Wayfarer

                Hi Sarah this is Mike thanks for the reply I would like to talk with you but not sure how you can help the company out we paid a lot of money on this site. This site is only 3 to 4 months old I've received 2 leads on a hard cell for a new product so im not sure if that is good or ok but if we can use what I have and modify it to generate more work lets do it and lets make money (call me at 832-545-4181)

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                    exclusivedetail Newbie

                    Hey Michael,

                    Along with the wonderful information that you have already received I would encourage you to ask your existing clients for referrals. If they have bought the lighting they may have friends, family or associates who may have similar taste and needs. Having them give you a write up on a local listing may do well for you also.

                    Best of luck to you.