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    Centralized Exporting and Importing Resources!

    stcintL Adventurer

      “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin.

      Are you looking a centralized location that can help you find Exporting and Importing resources? Check out STC International's Learning Center you will find Resources listed by category that includes Books/Guides, Articles, Market Research, Compliance, Videos, Power Points, Trade Lead links and more... for FREE! Here are samples of what you can find:

      Breaking into the Trade Game
      A Basic Guide To Exporting
      Importing into the United States
      Export Business Planner
      Doing Business (Countries)

      If you have a resource (s) related to exporting and/or importing that you believe can help others and should be included in our Learning Center, please send us the web link and title, we will evaluate the content and if we believe that it will help readers, we will add it to our list.


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          phanio Pioneer

          Why do any of that? The SBA as well as our government, wants you to export product.  Thus, they offer more information about exporting then you could ever think about. But, it does not end there.  They have programs that can help you enter new overseas markets, find contacts there as well as transverse the legal issues.  And, the best part, they have financing programs - low interest rate business loan - that you can tap to make it all happen. Thinking about exporting your products and opening up your business to 96% of all the world's consumers - start with the SBA - that is what they are here for.

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              stcintL Adventurer

              Phanio- very good points. I agree that the SBA is a great place to start, but there are also other government agencies that are ready to help for example US Department of Commerce's Export Assistance Centers, Small Business Development Centers, The Export/Import Bank of the US and including individual states, counties and cities assistance programs to name a few. Why do all these agencies help? The answer is simple EXPORTING = JOBS. By some estimates for every $1 Billion approximately 5000 jobs are created.